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On-Campus Diversity Activities

February 22, 2014 at 3:55 pm

Though a lot of Carleton students say Fall Term was the best period of freshman year, I think Winter Term is way better. Sure, I don't get the first day excitement of discovering new academic buildings and moving into a dorm, but because I feel much more centered on campus I've been able to get involved in a lot more activities.

I wrote briefly about my on-campus activities in past posts, but to clear things up, here's what I'm passionate about and involved in this term:

  • The Gender and Sexuality Center. The GSC and the activities it runs are some of my favorite parts of Carleton. In fact, when I prospied at Carleton during last spring's Accepted Student Days, I told the Gender and Sexuality Associates (GSCAs) working there that I wanted to become one of them. Surprise, surprise - I am currently working on an application to become a GSCA for next school year! Within the GSC, I've been working on directing and acting in the Vagina Monologues (March 1! Come see us!), attending "Healthy Communities and Relationships" and "Sweet Talk" discussion events for a wide variety of topics, and will be taking FemSex, the female sexuality workshop, this spring so I can facilitate it next year.
  • The Office for International and Intercultural Life. Last term, although I signed up for an OIIL Peer Leader (mentor) for my freshman year at Carleton, I really wasn't involved in the wonderful activities the office hosts. One of my favorite events they sponsor is Chili Night, where Carleton students meet Wednesdays to eat chili and hold group discussions on a variety of topics. Past themes have been "What Happened to Detention? How American Students are Funneled from Schools into the Criminal Justice System" and "Culture Shock." Here's a picture from the "What Happened to Detention?" night: OIIL Chili Night
  • The turnout for this event was HUGE - I think there were around 100 people!


I now leave you with a couple pictures of Minnesota snow. Mmm, blizzards.

Snowy trail to Libe

Snow in front of CMC 

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