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Tips for Prospies During Accepted Student Days

April 11, 2014 at 12:33 pm
  1. Visit a seminar-style class.
    There isn't much variation between schools in lecture-based classes. This isn't to say that Carleton professors aren't interesting - my favorite classes have all been lecture-based - but a seminar style class will give you a much better feel for the academic atmosphere. Additionally, I met two of my current Carleton best friends when I sat in on their seminar class, "Beauty and Race in America," during ASD.
  2. Participate in extracurriculars as if you were a current student.
    Prospie-host pairing is, for the most part, random. Even if you don't have a lot in common with your host, you can meet plenty of Carleton students in your field of interest (whether that's frisbee, orchestra, or science fiction). Many Carleton group meetings are advertised in one of the handouts you'll receive. I highly recommend going to Gender and Sexuality Center (GSC) or Office for International and Intercultural Life (OIIL) events.
  3. Talk to professors.
    One of my favorite parts of college visits was speaking to professors about their research and the classes they teach. Professors are very aware during ASD that prospies will be wandering the campus and, in my experience, I found them to be welcoming and excited to speak about their department.
  4. Eat in the dining hall.
    Eating in the dining hall during a prospective student visit is hugely important for two reasons - a) as a freshman at Carleton, you will be on some sort of meal plan, and it's good to know the food situation and b) some of the best networking is done in the dining hall. Whether you sit with other prospies to compare notes about your Carleton experience or with a group of upperclassmen who invite you to join them (which, very fortunately, happened to me!), it's a good experience.
  5. Get lost.
    Or at least don't stick completely to the recommended prospie schedule. No school can accurately be gauged by strictly planned activities and tours, so it's very important to talk to current students and explore the campus on your own. Remember, however, to text your host where you are!

Have fun during ASD, everyone! If you want to meet up some time, shoot me an email at geitzm[@] I'm always happy to meet new people and tell them about Carleton.

Much love,

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