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College Decisions and Spring

April 25, 2014 at 5:14 pm

class outside 

I took this picture on my way to the Math Skills Center, and I'm pretty sure I weirded out this class when I not-so-subtly sat behind a group of students and leaned over their heads get the chalkboard in view. Now that weather's nice, professors have been taking the opportunity to host class outside. As the photo above shows, it's not just discussion-based classes, either!

My FemSex class has gone outside for a lot of our sessions to enjoy the warm weather. Nothing like talking about reproductive justice or gender identity while basking in the sun.

Also, now that Accepted Student Days have come and gone, I'd like to take this last week before your college decision is sent in to talk about why I ended up at Carleton.

When I began my college search, I knew I was interested in small liberal arts colleges - Oberlin, Pomona, Wellesley, Smith, Haverford, and Carleton all ended up on my list. When financial aid letters came in the mail, I narrowed down my choices to Wellesley and Carleton.

I genuinely loved both Carleton and Wellesley and I want to stress that the reasons that I chose Carleton are very specific to me. If you were accepted by a school like Carleton, any schools you're considering would give you a fantastic education. In my opinion, people put way too much emphasis on things like ranking and prestige and not enough on where students actually belong.

I made a running list of my favorite things at each school when I visited. For Carleton, my top two were the warm and friendly student body and the engaging classes I was fortunate enough to join for ASD. Wellesley's top two draws were its absolutely stunning campus (nothing against the Carleton campus, but it's difficult to compete with Wellesley) and the presence of a larger community interested in issues relating to gender and sexuality.

Overall, though, I just found Carleton a better fit. I could really picture myself there the entire time I wandered around the campus. The current students were wonderful and I couldn't wait to join the community. Now that I'm here, I definitely feel I made the right choice.

Whatever final decision you make, I'm sure it'll be the right one for you. I wish you the best of luck!

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