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May 9, 2014 at 8:55 pm

If you are one of the two people who regularly read this blog (thanks, parents), you may have noticed neither Nick nor I blogged during 5th week/midterms. To make up for the absence of Carleton updates, here's everything I've done since then.

Speak Up

Speak Up is an annual event where Carleton students share their experiences with the impact of sexual violence and their healing process. It is probably one of the most powerful events on campus and I strongly believe every student should attend at least once during their four years.


This year, my friends and I joined together to create "QTPOC," Carleton's group for queer, questioning, and trans students of color. We had our first meeting last Tuesday and 20 people attended. During this meeting, we had a fun social dating activity to get to know everyone in the room, and we also talked about what discussion topics and projects we want to take on in the future. I know this community will continue to grow and I'm so proud I could be part of its inception.

Carleton Senate

I am currently running for CEDI (Community, Equity, and Diversity Initiative) Liaison for the Carleton Senate! I'm really excited to get involved in student government, especially surrounding issues of diversity in the campus climate.

Have You Been Challenged Lately? A Dinner and Discussion about Political Belief at Carleton

In order to facilitate greater political discourse within the student body, the Carleton College Republicans, the Carleton College Democrats, and the Center for Community and Civic Engagement put on a panel and group discussion about political beliefs at Carleton. The panel included four students, two representing the Carleton College Republicans, one representing the Carleton College Democrats, and one representing the Carleton Organized Radicals, Activists, and Leftists.

International Festival

Carleton's International Festival is an annual event featuring international food, music, and other performances. Though I couldn't stay for very long, I had the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of delicious snacks and a performance from the Tamarind Dance Troupe, Carleton's South Asian dance group.

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