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May 24, 2014 at 12:21 am

I don't know about ya'll, but I am super excited when going outside does not require a jacket. In the past few days, it's reached 80 degrees and Carleton students are celebrating. Walking between classes, you can see students reading/writing on the Bald Spot, tossing frisbees (no, I still have not played frisbee yet), and basking in the end of what seemed like an endless winter.

 With spring term comes some exciting news. First of all, I will be spending the entire summer (from the last day of finals to the first day of next school year) at Carleton, working as a Reference and Collections Processing Assistant  in the Archives. I have an incredible love of libraries, and I highly encourage prospective students to tour the Libe. In coming terms, I plan to use library resources more often.

Speaking of coming terms, registration for fall term starts next week. As a sophomore, I get sophomore priority for many classes, and I'm really excited about all my options. Most likely, I will be taking Chinese and "AMST 115: The Immigrant Experience," but the third class is a wild card. Introduction to Computer Science? Mathematical Structures? Probability? Once again I'm reminded of the fantastic list of classes Carleton has to offer, and the fact you can only take three a term. :(

Classes this term are going well. I'm learning a lot in my Introduction to Rhetoric course, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I'm surprised at how challenging it's been. It was really important to me to develop my writing skills over my freshman year, and it's nice to see what improvements I can make. I surprisingly have fallen in love with my Modern Dance I PE course. Though I have the coordination of two-year-old, dancing has brought me a lot of self-esteem and body love, which I never would have expected. It feels so empowering to bring music and dance together and realize you're creating art.

Next term I will be living in a single in Henrickson (Q&A) House which I'm excited and nervous about. It'll be a very different living situation because there will be no more roommates to annoy with my tendency to argue in my sleep and no more meal plan to rely on for food without effort. I'll also be a lot further away from the center of campus, which means I'm going to have to put in a more effort to feel involved in the Carleton community.

 Nonetheless, I am ready for spring term to end (final papers and projects, please stop piling up) and for my summer job and the beginning of my sophomore year to begin!

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