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Syzygy Eats, Sleeps, and Plays Frisbee in Texas

March 30, 2011 at 11:55 am
By Marlena Hartman-Filson

I've found that the actual temperature outside has very little correlation with how Carls dress. If the calendar says it's spring and the rest of the country is celebrating cherry blossoms and baby birds, we'll deem it to be springtime too, regardless of whether or not it's above freezing. Twenty-four degrees yesterday morning was an acceptable temperature for sandals and short sleeves. 

But it is spring term, and you can definitely feel it. People are emerging from dorms and Libe study rooms and showing their faces around campus. Ice is melting, and Carleton sunrises no longer have to be too afraid of flurries.

iowa sunrise 

As we do every year, Syzygy (one of the three women's club Ultimate Frisbee teams on campus) made its way down to Texas for one week of spring break. I can never quite find words to describe the eight days we spend in the Austin area - at once, it is has the rigor of a Varsity team's preseason and all the wonderful qualities of spending spring break in the sun with twenty-one of your favorite people. The morning after Syzzlebeans converge in the small town of Hunter, TX (which consists of two bars (Riley's Tavern and The Happy Cow (The "Udder" Place)), an adult store (Zone d'Erotica), a Catholic church, an old abandoned schoolhouse, a peacock, a noose and a population of thirty), days are simplified to eating, sleeping, a morning practice and an afternoon practice. As if our bodies need to be tested more, we finish up the week by playing in the Centex tournament in Austin. Centex is one of the biggest (possibly the biggest?) Ultimate tournaments in the world, this year boasting fifty women's teams alone from across the country and Canada. We are self-coached, but we're not slackers. Twenty-five hours of practice during the week culminating with sixteen hours of tournament games over the weekend... forty-one hours of frisbee in the span of eight days... that's a job.

Alright, I admit it. I might be a little biased. But shoot – we look good.

We battle.


We’re cute.


We make other teams make funny faces.


We’re pumped.


We’re scrappy.


We stumble into the frame.


We’re graceful.


We’re photogenic.


We have some SCARY freshmen.


Sometimes, we even play with imaginary discs.


We’re FLY.


We snuggle.


And we love each other.


Very exciting news from the tournament: for the first time in three years, we beat Bella Donna, our rival team from UW Madison. Things are looking good...

In love and sunshine,


[On a side note: I have received a few comments and emails wondering if Syzygy apparel would be for sale this year - the answer is yes! Once we get our stuff figured out, we'll be selling Patagonia jerseys (long and short sleeved), Patagonia shorts and trucker hats. I'll let you know when we're ready for orders!)


  • May 25 2011 at 2:33 pm
    hopefully future Carl'

    I do believe the girl in the "We're" cute photo is what made me choose Carleton for Early Decision

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