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Here we go!

September 23, 2013 at 9:07 am

    Welcome, readers, to my first blog post! My time at Carleton has officially begun, and with it an entirely new life and environment. So far my transition has been an explosion of brilliant happenings. From long conversations and insightful class discussions to playing Frisbee and board games, Carleton has introduced me to new experiences and new perspectives. To start with, Carleton has a million things to do. Already in my two weeks here I have done more than I had previously done in an entire summer back home.

     During new student week we as freshmen were provided with various kinds of entertainment.  The first day we saw a hypnotist who absolutely blew my mind. He was able to entirely hypnotize members of our class to do anything he said. It was not only impressive, but also absolutely hilarious! On Friday our floor participated in something called NOlympics. Every floor had a theme and competed in various events. Our floor happened to be a murder of crows. Dressed in all black, we traveled in a V formation, flapping our arms and occasionally circling other groups. One of the events that our floor competed in involved putting duct tape on a broomball helmet, and then racing against another team to pick up the most empty soda cans by smashing our heads into a box filled with them. (This was probably my personal favorite!) On Saturday we had a fantastic variety show in which the class of 2017 showcased the incredible talents that they have. Not unlike the hypnotist show, this was both impressive and hilarious (I won't give up the details, as they were a wonderful surprise to experience in person!) 

     After a week of classes (which will be discussed next week), I got to experience my first normal weekend on Carleton’s campus. The activity fair on Friday basically showed me that there would be no shortage of things to participate in at Carleton. I signed up for many clubs ranging from sports and games to political clubs. I signed up for some things I didn’t even know Carleton had, like a juggling club! I also went to see a comedy show, where various student-run comedy clubs performed.

   Perhaps one of the best things about Carleton is getting to know my amazing friends and classmates. During new student week, we had a presentation and activity on diversity. At this session we learned how much we all had in common with one another, and at the same time how many different backgrounds we had come from. Already I know people from many different countries, states and backgrounds. At Carleton, I have found that everyone is so interesting that it can be hard to leave a conversation. Already within these two short weeks, I have had conversations that lasted past 1:00 a.m. Everyone is so welcoming, nice, and friendly. Every time I walk across campus I run into friendly faces, and everyone always smiles or waves. This atmosphere pervades every facet of life here at Carleton, filled with so many occurrences unique to this place. For example, every day, whether in the morning, afternoon, or evening, there will always be one group of people playing Frisbee on the bald spot. I had not previously had much experience with throwing Frisbees, but needless to say that has changed. When some of us start throwing around the Frisbee, more and more people just casually join in. Likewise, a slack line is usually set up on the bald spot, and people can always be seen doing that as well. I tried this once so far. Suffice it to say, it was incredibly difficult!

     Since being at Carleton, in my free time I have played a plethora of board games with my friends. Everyone is so very interested in playing a wide variety of games, and similar to Frisbee, people often just join in after a game is already started. Another thing that happened this past week involved all of the a capella groups coming to our stairwell and singing. It was such a lovely break from studying! Today my friends and I decided to try out archery, and if this wasn’t cool enough, we also had epic fantasy music to go with it! All in all my introduction to college has been spectacular, and I can’t wait to delve deeper into it! 


  • September 30 2013 at 6:19 pm

    Sooooo happy it is working out!  Can't wait to read your blog on classes.  Did you play piano at the variety show?  (hope so!)

    Keep up the good work on this blog.  you are a gifted writer...I could almost see the crow costume & hear the acapella!

         Love ya lots, G

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