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October 3, 2013 at 4:17 pm

       Academics at Carleton have been an utter whirlwind of ideas among classmates and friends as well as professors.  To start with, at the academic fair for new student week, I got to learn a ton about various departments at Carleton. Everyone was very friendly and informative. I learned more about subjects I hadn't previously considered, such as linguistics and geology. It is going to be difficult to narrow down a field of study with so many intriguing options! Luckily at Carleton I can study a wide variety of things all at the same time. Freshman year for me will be a time to explore. 

           I love the academic environment here at Carleton. A major difference between Carleton and high school is how enthusiastic and dedicated everyone is about their classes. It's wonderful to get to hear what my friends are learning because it allows me to experience just a slice of their classes. Right now every course offered looks interesting and I know I cannot take them all.  The fact that my friends are eager to share their experiences with me lets me learn new and different things that I wouldn't have time to learn otherwise.  Just yesterday, my roommate brought up a discussion he was having in his Utopias class about whether or not an average person is suitable for a position of great leadership. We ended up talking about this for quite some time, even though it was very late at night. The enthusiasm that Carleton students have for their classes outside the classroom is equal to the enthusiasm they show in class.  Every class I am in allows for ample discussion. With such enthusiastic classmates, these discussions are fantastic. Everyone has so many interesting viewpoints and ideas to share with the class.  

       Even though the homework load is relatively heavy, so far it has been completely worthwhile. The reading may be dense at times, but it has consistently exposed me to new perspectives and experiences. I find that this work, although heavy, is definitely manageable because of how interesting the subject matter is.  In my experience, wanting to read something definitely makes homework go by much faster.  Also at Carleton, all of my friends have work as well, so I don't usually have to forgo hanging out because they have work to do, too.  This solidarity of everyone working equally as hard is another thing that makes the workload manageable!   

      Lastly, already in three weeks, I have found that professors are more than happy to help with anything. Whenever I have a question or concern, professors have been very helpful.  This term I am taking Science, Faith, and Rationality (my argument and inquiry seminar), International Relations and World Politics, and Intermediate French.   In future posts I will definitely go into more detail with what I am learning! For now suffice it to say they are all incredibly engaging in entirely different ways! 



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