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Let the games begin...

October 10, 2013 at 6:27 pm

          Two weekends ago, I had what might be described as a very uniquely Carleton weekend. Some of my friends and I signed up to play Assassins, and this round was dorm wars. Dorm wars entails having people from different teams of dorms assassinating others with nerf guns or plastic swords. As we learned very quickly, the game is intense.  One of my friends really wanted to go to Chelsea 11:17(which will be explained shortly) but we were hesitant about getting back after midnight (when Assassins would officially start). Chelsea 11:17 is a performance that occurs every other Friday at 11:17 pm where students write scripts and everyone acts them out. We decided to take the risk and go. It was absolutely hilarious and also awesome to see fellow students acting out things that had not been rehearsed previously. I can also imagine that it must be pretty fulfilling for the writers to see their creations. Anyway, for fear of being assassinated, my friend and I ducked out early with around ten minutes to spare before midnight. We rushed back to the dorm and locked the door with our crew of assassins. Once we are all in the room we composed a comprehensive Google document of the other teams. We then watched the online tally as the number of assassinations continued to occur throughout the night. One of my friends even slept over at our room because he was afraid that walking back would be too risky! And when our other friends left to go to their respective rooms in our dorm, they went quickly and we escorted them. That night, all was calm….


            The next day, armed with Nerf guns in our pockets, my friends and I set out to play in the intermural quiz bowl tournament. As we walked to the dining hall to eat breakfast, everyone else looked suspicious (and perhaps like an enemy). After making it through breakfast unscathed, we moved on to the tournament. When we got there, we noticed that the other quiz bowl team we were playing had two students who were playing Assassins from an opposing dorm. We started to play the game, but we were all quite paranoid. Although no one on the other team mentioned it directly, it was clearly the “elephant in the room.” As we went on to play the game, we relaxed a little, slowly realizing that the other team was not planning on attacking during the match. Then all hell broke lose. All of the sudden, I heard the door open and a voice ask, “Who is playing assassins?” Instinctively, I dove under a desk hoping to use it for cover. Instead before I knew it everyone around me was “dead,” and so was I. Our entire quiz bowl team that had spent the night in our room was gone. All those Nerf guns, all those thoughts about potential strategies were in a mere instant irrelevant. Despite our utter shock, we managed to win that round of quiz bowl!


            My roommate, in choosing not to participate in quiz bowl, survived. As the only one left of our once hearty cohort, we vowed to protect him at all costs. We spent most of Saturday and Sunday mainly hanging out in the room making sure no one could get to him. When we went to the dining hall we all formed a group around him. Three separate times, raiding parties of at least eight students showed up to our door with a full arsenal of Nerf weapons. After the second time, we devised a strategy that the next time they came back we would throw a bomb (which is anything with a timer) outside of the door and hopefully wipe out the whole mob. They swiftly avoided this occurrence and were already at the stairwell after we went outside to check. My roommate ended up being one of the only five remaining players on our entire team. Eventually, he was stabbed with a fake knife in the dining hall, but just beforehand he set off a bomb to target his assailant. Although now out, he significantly weakened their team and a day later our team won. This weekend coming up we have another round of Assassins, so I’ll keep everyone posted on the outcome of that!


  • October 10 2013 at 9:38 pm
    Thomas Hiura

    Great blog post, Nick! The way you and your friends vowed to protect your hallmate is inspiring. Can't wait to hear about next weekend!

  • October 10 2013 at 10:32 pm

    Nick - Great blog.  But as a parent, I just have to ask - do you guys ever study??

  • October 10 2013 at 10:51 pm

    Thanks Thomas and RS! Actually quite a lot! Although I will admit that not that much studying went on that weekend. (In sharp contrast to last weekend where I spent all day Sunday in the library researching human rights.) 

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