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October 18, 2013 at 4:46 pm


        Today I finally built up the courage to sit at the French language table! Every Tuesday and Thursday at one of the dining halls, each language department has a table where you speak that language the whole time. It was a wonderful experience! I was so impressed that I was able to follow the conversations, and also at how easily the words I wanted to say came to me. My professor ended up sitting right next to me at the table. It was wonderful to get to talk to him outside of class, as well as to have an opportunity to improve my French.  

        I am in French 103 (the equivalent of an intermediate level French class.) In just five weeks my French has improved dramatically. To me, this is somewhat of a miracle as well a testimony to the strength of Carleton’s language programs. The class is taught entirely in French, which helps immensely. At first it was frustrating because I was afraid to speak up, or I would misunderstand things. However in retrospect it has truly helped my French. Our class is also held five days a week as opposed to three. This extra time to speak French has also helped a lot as well. What I love about our class is that we have normal discussions, just in French. Our conversations are incredibly interesting, ranging from what we do at Carleton to where we should check out in Northfield. When we were learning the future tense, we got to give each other horoscopes (something that I have never done in English!). There is ample opportunity for creativity in the class, which I especially love. Although we learn grammar, the class manages to infuse elements of intrigue as well as hilarity. Recently when we were pretending to call to ask for a job interview, I mentioned that I wanted to be cook, and was subsequently told that the restaurant didn’t need a cook. I then said I would love to cook for the company anyway. However I apparently forgot the preposition ‘for’ when saying this. After I told him that I wanted to cook his company, the person on the phone (who was my professor) was quite outraged. It is moments like these that make the class truly enjoyable.

            I know I mentioned that I would keep everyone posted on the next round of assassins, but I figured some might also be interested to know that other things do happen at Carleton! This round of assassins did have every bit as much intrigue and suspense as the last, but I’m afraid readers will have to wait until later to hear more about it!   And at some point I will also post in more detail about my two other fantastic classes!



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