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October 31, 2013 at 6:55 pm

Seventh week has been another week of exciting events, lots of homework, and new experiences. Before I start this week’s post, just as a follow up, Last week I mentioned that two of my best friends had turned into zombies, and were currently sitting in my room. My friend promptly turned me into a Zombie the next morning at our Ramen party (On Saturday mornings we have started a tradition of having Ramen noodles for breakfast!)

            This weekend, my friend and I made calls phone banking for next year’s elections. Carleton was in a competition with other schools in Minnesota for who could make the most calls. We ended up winning this competition, and as a result get to eat lunch with Al Franken! I had never phone banked before so it was quite an interesting experience. Many people would pick up the phone, and hang up as soon as I introduced myself and asked if they could complete a short survey. Others would promptly tell me that they didn’t want to participate, but wished me a good day anyways. However, in reality most people didn’t pick up the phone. Still though, it was a really cool way to get involved politically at Carleton, something I had yet to do (except attend a handful of Carleton Democrat club meetings).

            Carleton seems to be particularly excited for Halloween. On Sunday, we had kids from the community trick or treat at Musser. We were even provided with the candy to give out. On Monday, we had a Musser Halloween Dinner with good food, as well as a costume contest. Yesterday, they had hot apple cider and pumpkins to decorate for the freshman class. Along with this, we all got a free Carleton Class T-Shirt! Throughout today, I have noticed a sizeable amount of students walking around campus with their Halloween costumes on. This just to me really epitomizes the fun spirit of the student body here. For dinner tonight, they had caramel apples! All of the dining hall food was renamed to strange disgusting things. Some examples of this would be calling the Asian pasta, intestines, as well as calling the cheese pizza topping-ghost snot (pictures of the various other titles for the dishes are shown in photos below). The food was actually quite good today, despite the purposefully unappealing names.  

            Lastly for those that do care, the Red Sox (My favorite sports team) won the World Series yesterday! I was able to watch the game with a bunch of Red Sox fans (as well as one Cardinals fan) in the Goodhue super lounge. It was such a wonderful experience; we cheered quite a lot, specifically at the end of the game. Despite having a French test today, I managed to support my sports team! (Much studying was done yesterday as well.) Many people at Carleton do not seem to be professional sports fans, so it especially exciting to find a community of them! In all honesty, the actual game was not very close, but I had my heart in my mouth the whole time. Sorry I don’t seem to have an overarching theme for this post. Everything happens at Carleton very fast, and these are just a few observations and moments of the week.


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