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Swing Dancing (and snow!)

November 7, 2013 at 7:06 pm

            Amidst all my homework, Mondays and Wednesday nights offer a change of pace, and a much-needed break from studying.  This comes in the form of swing dancing! I have definitely learned a lot about swing dancing.  If I saw my future self at Carleton swing dancing, I would be impressed that I could even remotely dance. If this hasn't already been said, I do not really believe dancing is my thing, but nonetheless this class has been an interesting and worthwhile experience. 

            The great thing about this class is that is a wonderful break from doing homework.  Dancing is something where you really get to let go of any stresses. Although sometimes it is stressful when I don't understand a particular move, it definitely is all in good fun. Swing dancing has also been a pretty cool way to meet people. We rotate partners nearly every five minutes. Since the class has thirty people in it, when you rotate dance partners, you really get the chance to get to know others better. This term it is mostly other friendly freshman, which all have interesting new Carleton experiences as well.  

             We have learned the basic triple step, rock step, as well several different turns, and swing outs. Recently, we learned how to do a different version of swing dance, called the Charleston. I particularly enjoy this dance because it involves moving your legs up and down rather comically.  At the same time though, it looks pretty awesome. It is also a nice change of pace, from the traditional dance.  At swing dance we also get to dance to many jazzy songs, that can't help but put you in a good mood.  When I leave the class I often walk back to the dorm to the swing tempo, the same one that I was previously dancing to in class (much to the chagrin of my roommate, who also takes swing dancing). I feel like taking this class is a good example of stepping out of my comfort zone. I would definitely recommend doing something like this at Carleton!

            As a quick side note, it snowed this Tuesday! We didn't get very much snow, but nonetheless we were all quite excited. One of my friends built mini snowmen outside of our dorm (picture attached). This snow was especially interesting because all the fall leaves were still on the trees. I tried to take a picture contrasting the snow with the fall leaves in the background with the sun shining.  This was definitely a new image for me (picture attached).  I can't believe how fast time is going by here, I'm already a little sad thinking about the term ending, but I still have an exciting two and half weeks of Carleton ahead of me! 

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