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Break the Silence

January 30, 2014 at 11:50 pm

          This evening I had the opportunity to attend an event in The Cave titled Break the Silence. At this event many people spoke out about issues concerning their mental health. Many others submitted stories anonymously, that were read by other students. It was really amazing to see the Carleton community together talking about such sensitive issues. These stories were incredibly emotional; it was really inspiring to see how brave and strong my fellow classmates are.  The atmosphere tonight just seemed to be one of a genuine loving and caring environment.  Personally I feel like if I ever have an issue, there are so many people at Carleton that I would be comfortable talking to.  It was also encouraging to see how many people felt like they were truly comfortable speaking about what ever they have been through to all of their fellow classmates at Carleton. Several people also mentioned how they felt that Carleton was a place that they felt particularly at home at, or a place where they felt like they could actually tell their friends what they were going through.  The event was done in just such an absolutely beautiful way, and personally I found it very moving. It was also very interesting to see how much these stories overlapped. It really showed how many people are actually going through similar struggles, but are often afraid to tell anyone about it.  I feel like this event may help to encourage dialogue in the future about this sensitive issue.  Although this post is relatively short, I believe it conveys a very powerful testament to the wonderful community here at Carleton.

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