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First Birthday at Carleton

February 28, 2014 at 4:52 pm

         For the first time in my life, I celebrated my birthday away from my siblings and parents. Even in my freshman year of high school when I lived in Egypt, we were still together in the same place celebrating.  (I realize that it should be noted that I am a triplet, so the whole celebrating my birthday with siblings mainly has to do with the fact that it was also my two other siblings’ birthdays as well.) So anyways this birthday was pretty different but equally as awesome as past birthdays. As much as I missed being with my family, I really enjoyed hanging out with my friends on my birthday. I had a six hundred-word essay to write in French that was due at the day after my birthday. Although this seemed crazy, I decided to get up at four on the morning of my birthday and write out the entire essay, so that for the night of my birthday I wouldn’t have any homework. Although I was slightly concerned with the idea of waking up at 4 am, it actually worked out beautifully. I was incredibly productive, and was able to finish the essay before my friends even woke up! I also normally have my dining hall work shift on Tuesdays, but I was able to trade that with someone who worked on Monday. Everyone at Carleton was just so incredibly kind and excited for my birthday. My parents also sent cupcakes, which we all thoroughly enjoyed! I also received some very thoughtful gifts from some of my friends. So despite not getting to have my typical birthday dinner, I think my birthday went very well, all things considered.

I personally consider it somewhat of an accomplishment to be able to have had a substantial amount of free time in the midst of an extremely hectic week. This last week has (similar to last 8th week) truly been incredibly busy, so I am very happy that it is the weekend! As a side note I am excited to start my Computer Science final project with two of my closest friends (more on this will follow as the project progresses.) !

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