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First Winter Term at Carleton: Complete.

March 18, 2014 at 10:50 am

Sorry for the late post, I had an extremely busy last week of term. Here are a couple of highlights from this last week: 


        On the night of the last day of classes I went with a bunch of friends to see Imagine Dragons live in concert in Minneappolis. It was a truly incredible concert. It was also a good experience learning how to navigate transportation to the twin cities. It was relatively easy to find transportation to the cities, but it was rather expensive. Half of us ended up going in a fellow students car and the other half of us went on a shuttle that we could reserve. The concert was extremely energetic, and the venue was absolutely packed. I was pleasantly surprised with how amazing this band was in concert. I had previously heard most of their songs but thought that the band was pretty good, but perhaps not excellent (at least in my opinion.)  However in concert they were phenomenal, every single member of the band had their own extensive solo!


         During reading days, I participated in the tradition of Late Night Trivia. In essence, this consisted of  answering incredibly difficult questions (that were broadcasted over the college radio station) as well as doing outrageous things for the trivia “Gods" in order to receive points. These “Gods” could pretty much demand practically whatever they wanted, and they seemed to get it. Just as an example they asked for food from Sayles multiple times throughout the night, and it seemed to be, that their needs were always satisfied. I mainly did the answering trivia questions part of this event, but the “action trivia” and bribes to the Gods were quite the sight to behold.   


Separately, late night breakfast was once again provided on the second day of reading days. However this time, this event came with added intrigue….The appearance of Schiller! Someone ran with a mask on, and as soon as everyone saw him they went to tackle him for Schiller. They proceeded to move outside to continue trying to get Schiller. My friends and I joined in. At one point I was holding Schiller, but I couldn’t hold on for long. Despite the craziness of this, the consideration of Carls was very apparent. At one point every one stopped trying to grab schiller to make sure everyone was okay and hadn’t slipped on ice or on the stairs. Once it was clear, that everything was perfectly alright, the struggle for schiller continued. Eventually someone was able to deliver it to Myers, and the fight ceased. 


       Throughout this week, I have also been doing a ton of work for all of my classes. I just finished writing a paper on what one would need to have a meaningful life. I also just took my final exam in french. The day before yesterday, I stayed up to 4:30 in the morning finishing a computer science project with my friends.  This project has been a ton of fun, and I have learned a lot. We created a computer version of the board game Pandemic. There is a lot of different concepts involved in this project, but I think it has definitely helped my understanding of the various things that we learned in the class. This last week at Carleton, has once again reminded me of how much I love being here. This week was a mix of intense academics, collaboration, and fun.  I am returning home for spring break today, but I will be back at Carleton in eleven days!




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