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Any Questions about Carleton?

April 19, 2014 at 3:18 pm

       To start off, I apologize for not having this post up sooner! I had my first ever biology exam yesterday, so the night before I was studying as much as possible, while also trying to entertain our prospective students! Both Thursday and Friday many of my friends also hosted prospective students, so we were able to get a great group together of a mix of prospies and hosts. We introduced them to the game of assassins, the wonders of sayles, the comedy show, as well as the cave, amongst a host of other things.  It was a really great experience getting to host prospective students, hoping that in the end they will choose Carleton, and we will get to see them next year! I know I was once in the same position as these students, on an overnight at Carleton, and my experience was probably what made me decide to apply early decision.  It was interesting being on the other side of this. It was really fun getting to explain how awesome Carleton was!

            This week was a very busy one, and it probably is only going to get busier. Besides hosting prospective students this weekend, the main thing that happened was basically just doing a lot of homework/studying for biology. Since I don’t have an incredibly large amount of new things to talk about this week, I thought this would be a good week, to see if I could open a question forum for anyone trying to decide whether or not Carleton would be the best fit for them. If anyone has any questions whatsoever, leave them in the comments or if you’d like it to be private you can also send me an email at  If I can’t answer your question, I can definitely direct your question to one of my friends, and get you in contact with them if you would like!

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