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Southeast Asian Politics

May 9, 2014 at 4:13 pm

         I’m so sorry that I didn’t get to have a post last week, originally my Wikipedia article for my Southeast Asian Politics was due Friday, so I had planned to write the post after this was done. The deadline was extended through the weekend, which while it gave me more time to do it, also meant that the paper took up a large portion of my weekend last week.

          Our assignment was to write and publish a Wikipedia article on something in Southeast Asia and to get it officially approved. It was rather difficult to find a topic because it had to not already be on Wikipedia, but it had to have enough research to write a solidly reliably sourced article. I ended up deciding to write my article on Animism in Burma. This is basically a native folk religion with elements of Buddhism. I researched this obscure religion, which focused on spirits called Nats.  I also explored this religion’s relationship with Buddhism, and examined the local practices. Although it was a decent amount of work, it was exciting to do research right from the primary sources of researchers living in Burmese villages. I was able to find books from the depths of the library. For one of the books that I found, only 800 copies were printed, and Carleton happened to have one! To see the article just go to this link

            Moving forward to this week, my outline for my research paper is due today. Although I originally discussed possibly examining the subsistence ethic of peasants, I have since changed my mind. After starting to read about the religious persecution in Burma, I decided that this would be a more researchable topic, and I have already started to learn about the atrocities that have been going on and are still in fact going on today. Basically though my academic life has been very centered around this class this term and Southeast Asia in general because I am also starting to plan more of my trip to Burma this summer.


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