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Spring Term Festivities

June 1, 2014 at 1:55 pm

         Yet again the week just zoomed by, and now I’m staring 10th week in the face, with 3 papers, a presentation and a biology final (with a political science presentation and biology lab report behind me now).   In the midst of all of this, I was able to register for classes next term. Like I previously mentioned, I am starting Arabic. Even though I was already super excited for this class, I think I am even more so now. Our Arabic music class was invited to the Middle Eastern department end of the year picnic. The food at this picnic was just simply amazing: Fresh Lamb, Falafel, Taboulih and stuffed grape leaves! What really struck me about this amazing food and fun time is that most of the people at the picnic were in the Arabic language classes. I was able to talk to some of them about the classes. I also realized that this wonderful community that I got to be a part of Friday evening will be a part of me next year. While there I got to play the oud with my professor and a handful of other students. I have really enjoyed my oud lessons, and have actually managed to learn some songs. I love my professor for this class, and am thrilled that he will also be my professor for Arabic next year. Interestingly enough, currently I am the only person registered for Arabic 101, since usually freshman take the class. I’ve realized this means I might get to befriend some awesome freshman, since I will be taking this class every single weekday!  I also was able to register for ethics next term, with the same professor that I had for life and death. As I have probably already mentioned in the past somewhere in this blog, I absolutely loved this professor and the class as well. I haven’t talked as much about ethics in my previous philosophy classes so I am excited to explore this new field of philosophy. Lastly I am taking political philosophy; even though I don’t know a ton about this class, it sounds like it would right up my alley, seeing as it combines political science and philosophy, which as of now are my two favorite subjects.

            I can officially say I have experienced Rotblatt. Although I usually agree with my fellow blogger about pretty much everything, I would have to disagree with her negative take on the event. For me personally, I just loved every minute of it. My friends and I woke up at 4am and got to the event at around 4:50 thinking that this would be enough time to claim the elusive free Rotblatt t-shirts. Apparently however, we were severely mistaken. Despite not getting a shirt though, the atmosphere of the event was just incredible; everyone that had gotten up early seemed to be having an absolute blast. As Madeline described in her post, Rotblatt is a baseball game played for an inning every year since Carleton has been founded. The main stipulation is that you must have a beverage of your choice in your hand at all times, which is provided for free. One of my best friends had to work his dining hall shift that morning, so he wasn’t able to join in the early morning festivities. We ended up going back to bed at 7 and then returned to the craziness that was Rotblatt at two!  Being at Rotblatt also reminded me of why I like being at such a small school where you can get to run in to so many people that you know. I saw so many friends and fellow Carls there(including some that I haven’t seen in months)! It was lovely to just wander about talking to people and hang out in wonderful spring weather. 

Sunrise at Rottblat

^ The sunrise at Rottblat 


Just a quick picture I got walking back to my dorm the morning of Rotblatt.

^ Just a quick picture I took walking back to my dorm after waking up early in hopes of a T-shirt.



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