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Word Maps

May 17, 2013 at 4:30 pm

So I tend to come pretty late to technological parties, but after seeing what a great job the Sociology/Anthropology department had done by making word maps out of their students' comps, I was inspired. Here are a few things I thought of mapping, and what they might mean.

Carleton Mission Statement

mission statement

This is the word map for Carleton's mission statement, a thing made for this medium perhaps more than anything else. I like the emphasis on "community."


The SOAN example got me curious about what my comps would look like, so here's what we have for a result of like seven months of work:


Yeah, that's a lot of justice, but this does sound like my paper. I like the predominance of the tentative, passive "seems," a word I often use but an idea that also came up a lot in my comps.


I started wondering what these word maps could tell me about what I was thinking about, but I didn't really believe this could be possible until I looked at my very first blog post from the beginning of sophomore year. Sorry to get meta here, but this picture shows so clearly how I was beginning to put together the pieces of college experience, or at least starting to search for something.

first blog post 

Writing Portfolio Introduction

Carleton requires that students submit a writing portfolio near the end of their sophomore year (this is due for current sophomores today, actually). This is the word map from the introduction to mine. 

writing portfolio

The Syllabus for Cosmology and Ethics

I started to get kind of nuts with this idea, but this is pretty fun...

Cosmology and ethics syllabus

Today's Carletonian


I'm not sure where the "oyster" is coming from, but I like it.


In Case You Thought This Couldn't Get Any More Meta

The word map from this very post:



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