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Soon It Will Be Christmas Day

June 12, 2013 at 1:04 pm

Maybe it takes a roommate who plays carols in the four months before and after December, but I’ve started to notice that “Turn Around” sounds a lot like “Silver Bells.” Graduation is on Saturday. And this is my goodbye.

intent to graduate

Oh, this is real...(The "It's a Hook-up" is over where it says "date").

In a journal from freshman year, I wrote: “This would be so much easier if it was a montage in a movie.” Yup, maybe. But college won’t be that way. There will be those awkward two minutes after the conversation finishes. There will be that thing where you’re walking somewhere and it takes longer than thirty seconds. There will be times when you’re frustrated or sad or bored, and you don’t know why. You’ll write a paper for five hours but a time lapse would be boring and impossible because it will look the same outside, and you’ll buy something from the vending machine and pace outside and go to the bathroom and call your mom…There will be things that are awkward in a way that’s not quite funny (though the more you share with your friends, the funnier they get). Things might be challenging, like that great scene in Mulan, and then…they might continue to be challenging. And there will be amazing moments without music pouring from the sky.

I want to share the worst advice I ever got at Carleton (final post, I'm letting loose). I was having trouble balancing everything freshman year, and I mentioned to someone that I often spent a fair amount of time being distracted by lots of books in the library. This person told me that this habit would and maybe should end soon, and then I would save a lot of time.

Whatever your picking up random books is, do it. Any time you’re not saving comes back tenfold in what you may gain. Join the team, take the class, start the club, be the first to say something. It’s true: often this isn’t the montage-y stuff. No one but you will care that you spent five hours looking at the book on alternate histories (first floor) or reading Faust (third floor). Believe me, my brief freshman Frisbee career is not the stuff of legend. Neither is my math career, any time I go bowling, or the band my friends and I formed sophomore year composed exclusively of people who could play no instruments. But it’s the stuff of my legend.

One of my friends likes it when people look back. He thinks it’s really nice when people, when leaving, take one last glance behind them. The only thing I would dare say now to you, to anyone, now, is turn around, because it becomes a montage pretty darn fast.

Thank you, Carleton admissions office, for providing a platform for a random sophomore share strange stories with the world. In many ways, this blog has helped me both believe in a bigger story and keep it all from collapsing together. Thank you alums, Professor Daniel Groll, friends, parents of friends, and prospective students (maybe) for reading. See you on the flip side.

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