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Back in White

January 5, 2011 at 6:00 pm

Hey Oh! I think it might be safe to say it is officially winter, although I've attached some pictures for your careful deliberation. (I’m pretty sure it’s just birthday wishes you’re not supposed to tell, so I will disclose now my New Year’s Resolution to post more pictures. If that’s what you asked for when you blew out the candles on your cake, you just might be in luck.) I’m really stoked for this term—for the reasons listed on my new and improved sidebar (if only grooming my handlebar mustache were as simple!) as well as a plethora of small facts I’m just remembering/discovering.

For example: this weekend is maybe one of the greatest new Carleton tradition: the Bar Mitzvah Sayles Dance. Every term, we have about four dances in Sayles, which is our student center. Different students and student groups host, and they clear out all of the tables and cover the windows and play basically whatever music they want. For example, WHOA, our hip-hop dance group, hosts a really fun one but so did the students who went for a Gaga theme. This one, though, is my personal favorite. I was the number one non-fan of dance parties in seventh grade but now dancing with my friends to Hanson and playing Coke and Pepsi sounds like exactly what I would like to be doing on a Saturday night, no iTunes gift card necessary.



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