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In Media Res

January 26, 2011 at 9:40 pm

Thoughts on fourth week:

The media

I started watching C-SPAN in Sayles, our student center, a half hour before the State of the Union, and as the countdown continued, I started to feel a little depressed and really self-conscious because I was all by myself. But suddenly five minutes before the speech started, I realized I was sitting (I get really drawn in when the motorcade leaves and am aware of little else) with about twenty people, four of whom I knew. That's Carleton.

Political awareness at college is like this: I know someone who knows how old Ruth Bader Ginsburg is, someone who emailed every student from her home state to discuss the ballot initiatives before the midterm elections, and someone who vows, through a complicated philosophical calculus, to never vote. (These are different people).

And in case you're visiting college campuses and using the same gauge I did to judge political involvement, know this: I don't have a poster in my window because I live on the fourth floor of a dorm viewable only by certain geese with certain assumed vision during certain seasons. And most of us want absolutely nothing fenestral to impede our vitamin D intake while we hang out in our rooms with wise friends and ponder the nature of government and how we can change the world. Please don't hold it against us.

KRLX, our student-run radio station, is also certainly kicking into high gear. If you want a taste of Carleton, put pieces of a cheeseburger on top of a pizza (a popular dish in our dining hall)*. But if you want to hear what we're listening to, tune into 88.1, if you're in the Northfield area, or stream live from There are programs for all kinds of music, talk shows, news shows, and foreign languages. It's really easy to get a slot on KRLX, and an awesome, diverse group of people are sharing their music, thoughts, and interpretations of the weather 24/7. This term, I'm especially excited for Holly French Finds Love, a dating show my friends are running (9-10:30 on Saturdays). I'm also a pretty big fan of Counting Sheep--the ultimate anti-procrastinator's tool is the promise of lying in bed between eleven and midnight on Sundays and having stories sung to you as you drift into dreamland.

The Res

Broomball season started last week and has been really really fun. I also went cross-country skiing yesterday---the sky was light blue, the snow pristine, branches stark and architectural. My classes are interesting and have me wondering about reality, math, language, and God. I went to a Beatles sing-along on Saturday and swing dance on Monday. And Ebony II is this weekend! (I'll describe it more next week but to say that I'm currently assembling a cape).

*Culinary creativity like this prompted a fantastic quote overheard by my roommate: "The LDC [one of our dining halls] is like the Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell---they put all the taco stuff on the pizza."

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