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Vitality and the Von Trapps

March 9, 2011 at 2:43 pm

Hi! I’m taking a short break from writing a paper about contradictions, so I can’t talk much (or can I?) (No, unfortunately, just because dialetheism might be a go, we’re not allowed to invalidate everything/give giraffes false hope). In the next four days, I have: two papers due, a reflection to turn in, a quiz, and a final. Our dining hall is also celebrating Mardi Gras today, so there’s no telling how many corn muffins I might consume (current tally: two. And I haven’t been to dinner yet). In case you want to procrastinate on my behalf, I’m including some cool links at the bottom of this post. Have fun! (If you wanted to, you know, sleep for me too, that would be great).

It’s kind of ridiculous that winter term is almost over—some things went by really quickly. I’ve decided to enjoy what is hopefully the end of the cold weather by actually wearing mittens, cross-country skiing, drinking warm beverages, and giving people in warm climates a hard time, so that’s been fun. But I think almost everyone here is excited for spring, even though today the trees look like they could be coral underwater. I’m currently enrolled in a triumvirate of classes for next term that my roommate likes to say encompasses “thinking about numbers, thinking about science, and thinking about thinking.” This might be true, and I’m really looking forward to it. In retrospect, my theme for this term might have been “building knowledge.” From the growth of a community based on the revelation of the Qu’ran to the system of first-order logic to the meditator hanging out in a (seemingly) dark room and wondering what comes next, it’s been cool to see the evolution of how we come to know things, starting out with just a little bit.

Some things the next few days might entail: a capella, evening pancakes, Late Night Trivia, a clothing swap, camping out in assorted computer labs (i.e. telling ghost stories very late at night and wondering about weird noises outside), vacuuming, and many proofs. I think the Girl Scouts are coming to our student center on Friday, too, so that’s exciting. Last spring, I checked out a CD of Civil War battle songs from the library for finals, and last term, I discovered the “Lord of the Rings” station on Pandora. I haven’t yet chosen the epic soundtrack for the next four days, but it just might be the crunch of Thin Mints and fresh snow. Plus, some fine folks from my floor have been playing The Sound Of Music in the lounge…I don’t know how you solve a problem like Maria, but I’m certainly going to try. (And if I make clothes from my curtains, I won’t have to do laundry. That would be great.)

For a brief visit in the idyllic Procrastination, I suggest...

The best American Sign Language video that currently exists on the interweb. Yes, this is an inductive claim, but I've done pretty extensive surveying. It's really cool, because this video is about interpretation, not translation, and the difference makes it really beautiful/hilarious:

ASL Heartless:

*Note: this video might not be super appropriate for kids. If you want to show your younger siblings some great ASL, I suggest my second favorite ASL video, ASL-Party In The USA




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