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Recap and Blast Off!

September 14, 2011 at 8:25 pm

Hello! If you are reading this, I imagine you are either a prospective student, a member of the Carleton community, a member of my family, or an internaut (a word I just made up, but am using to describe one who sails through the world wide web). To all: I find it generally nice that you are here. One of the great parts about my college experience so far has been working on this blog; I hope it is helpful to you as a small insight into life at Carleton.

To students and families prospectively considering Carleton: welcome. Here’s a brief introduction to this and me; in other words, a concise summary of what you can probably find by trolling through my posts from last year, but put (hopefully) a little more elegantly.

The college process, for me, was not the greatest. I really enjoyed high school, and senior year in particular, but choosing and applying to colleges was something I found stressful, scary, and kind of confusing. After a lot of visits, questions, and applications that were four minutes late, I ended up here, where I have been happy enough to enthusiastically work for admissions, something my past self could never have imagined. I probably will write sometimes about the college admissions process, but I never mean to trivialize other schools or imply that if you eventually decide to go somewhere else you’ve made a bad decision. That being said, coming here was probably one of the most intelligent, risky, and rewarding things I’ve ever done.

My freshman year was about settling into college, and Carleton in particular. I learned to live with other people, make new friends, and use a microwave. I decided to retake calculus and began taking French; I started playing a little ultimate Frisbee, ate Malt O Meal, and brushed up my ice-skating skills. My freshman seminar (which wasn’t required then, but is now called A&I) was the Dyad: a dual enrollment in a class on biology and a philosophy class called Evolution of the Mind. Freshman year I also took a class on early English literature (which was great), kept up with French, and continued to take math. I took my second philosophy class in the spring. There were cookies.

Sophomore year I moved to a new dorm and had a new roommate. I took a political philosophy class, a religion class, more math and French, and way more philosophy.  A professor helped me pursue an independent reading, I joined Carleton’s Ethics Bowl team, and I learned to cross-country ski. I led tours and started a club. I started to figure out how to read better and strategize in chess. In the spring, I applied (and was accepted) to go abroad. I ate a lot of pizza.

Along the way, for everything, of course, there were setbacks and misgivings. There were things I never quite figured out about college and Carleton, and there are things I still struggle with. Some tensions might even show up here. I hope you’re mature enough to handle escapades with burnt food, serious pining for students abroad, imagined dialogues with those who have been entombed for quite some time, and near misses with enthusiastic cyclists. Along the way, I really really would like to not talk about myself all the time. So please post questions, comments, or things you would like to know more about. In the meantime, I’ll do my best to finagle my fourth roommate (I promise I don’t keep killing them off!) into discussing her awesome activities, actually taking (and posting) pictures, linking to some stories from friends currently around the world, and bothering random people in our student center about what Carleton means to them. In the meantime, you might hear about trees, animals, souls, onions, education, Frisbee, science, struggles with conclusions, and common phrases in foreign tongues.



Leaf with bike and buds

This is a picture from the spring of my friend Leaf. She assures me she is just this happy right now. 

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