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Carleton Numberology

November 10, 2011 at 10:21 pm

Around midnight last night, it started snowing and it felt like some higher being had shaken Carleton’s little globe. In this holiday spirit and in honor of childish joy, I present for this week: counting, Carleton style.

1st libe: The first floor of the library is the silent floor. If first libe were a Disney princess, it would probably be Snow White: sleepy, laborious, nearly escaping death, ravenously hungry…But really, first libe is a great place to do quiet reading in comfy chairs, take a nap, and view some strange art. It houses the philosophy and religion books, and it’s kind of nice to see all of this knowledge actually level with the ground and people playing volleyball.

2 dining halls at Carleton: If you go on a tour here, you’ll probably visit the Language and Dining Center—the dining hall there is super airy and bright. The other dining hall is in the basement of the Burton dormitory and it is more collegiate-looking and Harry Potter-y. Students, professors, and guests can eat at either dining hall, and they have different menus, which can be fun. We also have a food outpost in our student center that has baked goods, burritos, mozzarella sticks, and much more (and until midnight!) and a new smaller café in the Weitz Center.

3 libraries in Northfield: They are all great. The least obvious is St. Olaf’s Rolvaag Memorial Library. I have in fact really enjoyed reading there (they subscribe to Outside, which neither of the other libraries do). From what I've seen of their library, they have good desks, nice chairs, and attractive students. Walking to St. Olaf takes about half an hour, but it can be a really nice break/escape, and you get to feel like a tourist, which is always fun. The second library I’ll mention briefly is the Northfield Public Library. Carleton students can get library cards, and it’s really fun to check out CDs, cook books, and The Giver. It’s also a really nice study spot and a good way to be part of the Northfield community. Finally, there’s the Carleton library, which we call the “libe," which has a lot of cool different work spaces, computers, and books galore. One (1) penguin, four (4) floors (sorry, but I really wanted to put pi on my list).

4 legged creatures: Carleton students are allowed to have pet fish and that’s it. (My roommates and I greatly enjoyed the company of a beta freshman year, who we named after our RA’s boyfriend). But the awesome woman who helps manage Dacie Moses House has a really cool dog, and there are always a few cats around campus.

5, high. We’re all about it. At Carleton, it never became not cool to greet your friends and touch metacarpals.  Let’s be real—it’s kind of the best.

6 words to describe Carleton professors, from my friend Becca: “passionate, comepetent, helpful, approachable, funny, human”

7, 24: Amount of time during the term that KRLX, Carleton student-run radio, is broadcasting at 88.1 FM in Northfield, Minnesota and online at

8 this week: many many apples, the falafel sandwich at Sayles (delicious), leftover Halloween candy, coconut curry, really creamy yogurt in the dining hall, cookies made by a history professor for a bake sale to benefit victims of Turkey’s earthquake, Pocky from my roommate in my mailbox.

9s, dressed to the. Carleton students don’t usually dress very formally (although I’ve been told we have fewer ripped pants than other liberal arts college students and I do know some people who partake in classy Fridays). If you come to Carleton, though, you probably should bring one nice outfit. We have a really fun formal Mid-Winter Ball. You might find yourself going out to dinner with your roommate’s parents, having a job interview, or getting really worried because the other two members of your Ethics Bowl Team decided to wear suits and you decided instead to bring food and books back to school. In case it's not clear from #8, #2 and #3, the motivating factor was in fact misplaced. You can always borrow clothes, it's true. But it's much easier to borrow books. It's not as easy to borrow food. The solution to this is probably that I should debate about endangered species and the death penalty in a Gaga-style meat dress.

10th week: Next week is the last week of our term, which means classes are over on Wednesday and we start finals on Saturday!! I kind of can't believe it--it's gone really fast!



  • November 11 2011 at 8:41 pm

    Hi! I am an international prospie who just turned in her ED application. I just want to tell you how much I love your blog! I've read every entry and I love how your posts always make me think and also show how wonderful classes are at Carleton. Hopefully I'll get to see you next year. : )

  • November 14 2011 at 8:37 pm

    Claire, thank you so much and best of luck!

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