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I am a paramecium, apparently

November 16, 2011 at 10:27 pm

This weekend, I was in Salt Lake City with Carleton's Ethics Bowl team, and on the plane ride back, I started thinking about how cool it is that, for a weekend, part of my Carleton community and my Carleton experience existed in Utah. I realized that the connection I feel to college transcends space, but also decided that it's pretty neat that for four years, for the most part, a lot of people and ideas that define what it means for me to be alive, right now, happen in this very certain place in Northfield, Minnesota.

I have a really terrible sense of direction (I honestly think it's one of the reasons I ended up at a college in a small town), but I decided, as inspired by my friend Joel's favorite website Strange Maps, to start to think about what Carleton looks like, right now, to me (and my cilia).

Hopefully if you're close enough to kiss your computer, you can see at least some of a very rough sketch of my map. This kind of thing is definitely more in the domain of the illustrious Jon Kittaka, but this week, the words, as you may be able to see from my centrally placed self and computer, just weren't quite cutting it.


You can find a larger view in PDF form here. 

If you can't figure out what things are, leave a Comment and I'll explain. I meant to fill in more of the thought bubbles, but I think right now it might be kind of nice that there's a little more space. I also admit to using a handy campus map to start to orient things, slightly. If you want to really find your way around, check out Real Carleton Maps. I wouldn't suggest using this for anything except for maybe imagining what things here were like at like 10:45 last night, in my mind.

It's the tenth week of our term, so in less than a week, we'll all be stepping into the great abyss. The buildings will have to figure out how to think on their own, I guess. 

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