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January 18, 2012 at 10:02 pm

First of all, I don’t think people can cause the weather (though Homer and, you know, Taylor Swift might have you believe otherwise). But my taunting last week now seems pretty well-received, because:



Yup; it looks kind of like this outside now:

Ice rink 


I like to think I make up for not posting pictures by posting really hipster ones when I do. I think the settings on my camera are set to Portrait and Sunlight. But you are correct if you think you see people in this picture; there have been wild broomball and hockey games since the rinks stopped being poor excuses for swamps. 

Disclaimer, though: I haven’t had winter Oreos yet. Another disclaimer: I haven’t really been learning to hip-hop yet, either. I was signed up for Hip Hop/Street dance as a PE class and I was really (really) excited, but then I ended up accidentally scheduling a discussion group directly over the time the class meets. I realized this only after we invited about five professors to come. The group has been great and totally worthwhile, though! Today one of the biology professors came and we talked about the problem of dual-use in the sciences: basically, how do you handle information that’s really helpful but has the potential to cause a lot of harm? We were especially focused on the recent case of the avian flu experiments; you can read an article about it here.

So, while I’m a little upset I can’t embarrass (read: amaze) my younger brother when we Hit The Town, things seem to be lining up. My classes are good; in my metaphysics class we’re talking about time travel tomorrow (I think), which I’m really excited about. Also on tap for the next few days: three essays and a broomball game. It seems we really are back, which this term so far has contained quality conversations (planned and unplanned), running on ice, late-night poetry readings, getting back into a schedule, hot cocoa, trying to conjugate verbs in French, and a pretty good (if I do say so myself) spinach-artichoke dip created after deciding the real recipe had way too many instructions. Not too bad at all.

The longer response to a Comment on my post from last week, regarding safety at Carleton: I feel extremely safe here and I think most students do. People definitely are comfortable walking around at night, and it is far more likely security responds to things like burnt food or twisted ankles than actual emergencies. Our security officers are great; we have a blue light system around campus as well as a number we can always call, as well as a number for Resident Assistants on weekends.

The Carleton community is really trusting and that trust is very deserved. So far as I know, there haven’t been any problems with weapons at Carleton, and any kind of athletic “hazing” I’ve heard of sounds like slightly crazy fun, but never anything that would be harmful, threatening, or uncomfortable. All said, the best advice I can give about safety in college, wherever you go, is to remember you’re (as cheesy as it sounds) a community member: know what’s going on, take care of your friends, try to be aware, and be conscious of your actions.

I hope this is helpful; if you want to email me with more specific questions, I can answer them or pass them on to people who know more about this (either from an official or student perspective).

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