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I'm Half Crazy, All For The Love Of You!

February 3, 2012 at 2:47 pm

Dacie's apron 

Dacie Moses is something of a Carleton legend, if "legend" can adequately describe a person, a house, and an idea/ethos. First, Dacie Moses the person: briefly, Dacie Moses worked at Carleton and lived really close by, and she would often invite Carleton students (and St. Olaf ones too!) over for cookies. In her will, she left her house to the college on the condition that there would always be supplies in the kitchen to bake cookies. Carleton takes the Dacie Moses tradition very seriously; the kitchen is stocked with flour, eggs, chocolate chips, butter, and a myriad of other baking supplies. Many a capella groups practice at Dacie's (there's a piano), and their CDs are usually in the player in the kitchen. The house also has board games, old Carleton yearbooks, tea, sheet music, cookbooks, and interesting baking experiments. You never know what people or what food you'll find at Dacie Moses; stumbling on delicious chocolate-peanut-butter cookies or assorted members of the Northfield High ski team is part of the fun. On a larger level, I think Dacie Moses, as a person and a house, represents a lot of what the college aspires to: inclusiveness, kindness, generosity, fun, friends, comfort, a sense of home.

Last Sunday was a special brunch to celebrate Dacie's 129th birthday (which actually occurred on the 26th), and the Carleton and Northfield communities (and some guests!) came out to celebrate in style. These are some pictures from the celebration, which featured students, kids, adults, a capella, cake, and general merriment.

Dacie Moses 

Shoe sign 



Anna and Andrew




More on Dacie Moses House here!

There's also an article on the event in our school paper, the Carletonian, which you can find here!


  • February 6 2012 at 2:37 pm
    Bertha Trujillo

    I was a Spanish T.A. about 16 year ago and I still remember this place. I love it!!! Thanks Carleton Colllege!!!!!

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