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The Carleton I Know And Love

April 1, 2013 at 12:05 am

Whew! I am so happy to be back from spring break for my final term at Carleton. I have missed so much while I was away, and even in the short time I was gone, things have changed. For starters, I posted at least half of this using…the new wireless! I love the Carleton dial-up, but now we can actually use the phone in our rooms and the Internet at the same time (I have a cell phone but since we’re in the absolute middle of nowhere, I get no reception). They also paved the dirt road so that now the bus isn’t so rickety for the last two hours on the ride from the Cities! (That was a real win after my usual 17-hour-flight to get to Minnesota from the coast). It's great because now the bus driver won’t need to apologize so much during the trip.

And so: I am here now, down to only three pairs of pants at a time, getting all my books ready for the term. It is so good to be back. I am going to have to get used to sleeping three hours a night again, though; at home, Mom gave me the luxury of four-and-a-half before she put me to work again in order to pay our exorbitant tuition. However, it is good to be back in my college room. Things were too quiet at home without the mice.

When I was home, though, I did get used to having my things where I left them. My roommate isn’t a kleptomaniac exactly, but she does like to touch everything I own, and sometimes she takes things from my drawer and does some kind of secret ritual with them in the shower. I’m happy to see her, though, even if she can’t see me (her eyes were burnt by Snow Brightness, though we hear it’s curable).

And things have changed with people, too! My friend Alex says she met someone…who knows someone who’s actually dating someone who GOES TO CARLETON! Another friend saw them this one time holding hands, and even though we all do that in our hippie circles, this looked like something more. Confirmation. BAM.

We have the Cookie House, of course, but now we also have the Sandwich Dorm: Monday through Thursday, Musser Hall will hand out free hoagies to everyone! They feel bad about the fact that the architecture is kind of heinous, so the donors have decided to make it up to Carleton.

Yup, it’s good to be here, and take stock of what I have and what I want for the term ahead. My classes have been great, and I’m only walking the dogs of three professors now (though I might have to miss one of my usual Thursday jaunts in order to help another with an interview to adopt a child). Carleton’s had a good year so far, too, I think. We’re getting ready to build a new center for progressivity, and another one for superconductivity. Speaking of which, Student Activities has reported big success on their Adopt-A-Friend program. If you’re bored or lonely, they will give you an assigned student worker to hang out with you and entertain you (rumor has it this is how the aforementioned REAL Carleton couple met). I’m so busy, though, that even with the time machines they hand out for free with our planners, I just can’t make it fit!

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