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Away for the Weekend

October 25, 2010 at 10:30 am

Believe it or not, is very easy to be sucked into what we call the “Carleton Bubble.” Being in the “Bubble” basically means your life is completely centered at Carleton. We eat here, live here, learn here, and ultimately play here.  So what reason would any student have to leave? Actually many students here have no reason at all unless they’re from Minnesota or some nearby state and they go home to visit their  family from time to time.

To date, I have left Carleton’s campus four times to go to the Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul). Three of those times were at the end of each term last year, and I went to the cities to catch a plane back to New York City. The fourth time was yesterday. I went to see a performance at the University of Minnesota’s Northrop Auditorium. It was amazing, actually beyond amazing. The performance was entitled “Zollar:Uncensored” and was performed by the Urban Bush Women.  It was a creative dance journey from 1984 to present.

It was a monumental performance for two reasons. The first is the performance was the capstone for a week long series of performances and events that sought to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the dance company. The second reason is that the show had never been done outside of New York City so I was actually a part of history in the making, which is very exciting to think about. Quite frankly it was the best performance I have ever been to and it was completely free (my senior friend got tickets from her sister and took four of her friends).

What was truly strange was that while the five of us were waiting to be seated we were all so excited but nervous. I remember blurting out “Look at all these beautiful people. But they don’t go to Carleton so they must be up to something.” We all laughed, but to different degrees I’m sure we all felt the same way. Carleton at some point or another becomes a part of you (not in a weird you’ll never escape it kind of way) but more in it’s my home sort of way, so leaving it for any period of time takes some adjustment.

 I vow that each term I am going to try to go to the cities once or twice because it has so much to offer. I believe it’s important to remember that college is more than just the activities and experience you have on campus, all the experiences you have off campus also count toward your college experience as well.

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