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Can't beat Res Life

January 9, 2011 at 9:09 pm
By Shantrice King

There are probably a million and one reasons why I love being an RA, but the number one reason is because I’m a part of a  team. There is something very comforting about knowing that someone will come tell the people in your lounge to quiet down at three in the morning so you won’t have to get out of bed, or who will happily give you eggs so that you can make brownies for your weekly study break because someone on your floor is celebrating their 19th birthday. Now I was not always a team player; if one knows anything about me it’s that the word “I” is more prominent in my vocabulary than “we.” But I guess that is the funny thing about being on a staff made up of complete strangers: as much as you try to resist, eventually “we” becomes a family, and like your family you don’t get to choose them but you have to love them.

Being an RA allows me to belong to two families on campus: my staff which consists of the RA’s that make of the Watson and East Side Houses whom I consider my immediate family, and the entire Residential Life which is my extended family. Though I see and interact with my immediate family more often than with my extended, it is amazing when we all come together.

Once a term, Residential Life has an all staff dinner to kick off the term. The best part is that every individual staff group (there are six staffs) dresses up in costumes. The tradition is not competitive at all, but it’s taken quite seriously none the less. So far my staff has dressed up as Mimes with scarves, prepsters, and most recently in horrible Christmas attire. How we come to choose these themes I can’t tell you, but I can say it takes at least an hour each time. Here are some pictures of other staff's costumes from our most recent Residential Life banquet.


Nourse and Myers

Musser and the West Side Houses


The complex

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