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New and Improved Carleton (In the process...)

August 2, 2010 at 5:17 pm
By Michael Hantho

Hey all.  I want to talk to you about change.  Specifically Carleton and change.  Carleton is undergoing some significant , structural changes before next year, and we may very well never be the same.  And no, I'm not talking about the change in the structure of requirements for students.  I'm talking, literally, about the structures on campus.  Yes, those great edifices that dot our landscape. 

 So far this summer, 6 of our buildings have either experienced or are experience some form of change that will alter them for the rest of their existence.  Many saw the loss of trees around the chapel last year.  Well they weren't done yet.  Not until this summer did I find out that only phase one had been completed, and phase 2 has meant less access for tours in the chapel because of the falling debris (aka dust) as they have been working on the roof.  They're still working away on Willis trying to restore it to its once new, 1866 self.  I still fear what is happening to Leighton (though I really can't tell yet).  Laird and its historic parapets/roof are being fixed (or altered, depending on what information you want to believe).  And Sayles... We barely knew thee.


Ok, so outside of the above dramatics, Carleton is undergoing a lot of construction this summer.  It has been difficult sometimes for the tours because some locations have been blocked off (chapel), or its just been so loud that often times information has needed to be said multiple times to the same group.  But as much of an annoyance it has been sometimes (mainly the repeating of information), it will all be worthwhile for Carleton as a whole.  Carleton students already know what has been occurring with both Willis and Skinner Chapel, but work is also being done on Leighton, Laird, Sayles, and Goodsell (and no, they're not making R2D2 a permanent part of Goodsell as some may wish).   Also, the tennis courts have been removed and they are expanding the facilities for the courts, along with improving their foundations it appears.  The most drastic change is occurring right in front of Sayles.  They have completely removed the concrete, some trees, the bike racks, and a bench and are restructuring the whole area.  The digital pictures they have up show a more open area that should decrease the congestion that occurred in front of Sayles.  Plus they are adding many more bike racks.  Now I can't voice my opinion on this matter until I see it finished, but I feel it can only help the campus and improve campus life.  

So yes, Carleton is experiencing change.  And in no way can I say its bad.  Losing the trees around the chapel was sad, but the building now looks fantastic.  So if you are planning to visit during the end of this summer, I apologize now for the noise interference.  But know this, If you come to Carleton, you will only reap the benefits of the change currently taking place.  

Oh, and let's not forget about the new Arts Union!  

Until next Monday,

Michael "Mikey" Hantho

P.S. If you like Inception, you should read this theory! Had the wonderful help of a expert blogger in teaching me how to finally hyperlink.  My thanks go out to you who shall not be named!