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Preseason is here!

August 26, 2010 at 12:18 pm
By Leigh-Anne

Somehow summer has flown by and soccer preseason has begun. It seems like just yesterday that I was going a video blog about the MIAC play-offs and here we are starting afresh once more. The women’s and men’s soccer teams, as well as volleyball and football, have been here for about a week now. My fellow Fellow and this year’s golf co-captain Michael Hantho is really excited for the golf team to get here today. As the golf team pulls in, women’s soccer will be moving out since our preseason trip to Seattle begins tomorrow. If you’re going to be in Seattle on September 2nd or 4th, check out our game schedule and come root us on as we face Pacific Lutheran and Puget Sound.

It’s strange, though, to think that a lot of the preseason traditions that I’ve done this past week were for the last time. For example, last night was my final Game Night, which is one of our bonding activities with the men’s soccer team. Each class competes in different events, like Carleton trivia and charades, and the seniors, with all our wisdom and experience, naturally come out on top. There are also fun little daily traditions, like the freshmen football players having to get up in groups of five and stand on chairs at the front of the dining hall and individually sing our fight song. Votes for the best one are then tallied by overall crowd approval and whoever receives the most cheers gets to come back for the championship round where the best of the best sing again. (To see our traditional fight song as well as a newer one, check out this really great commencement speech given by my friend Sal this past year.)

Overall, preseason is a magical time when my only life activities are playing soccer, eating, sleeping, and bonding with some really awesome teammates. As sad as I am for this to be my last (which means taking one step closer to the real world), I'm also really excited for school to start. Really interesting upcoming classes, a whole season of soccer to look forward to, and having all my friends back on campus will hopefully lead to an amazing final fall.