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International Applicants Welcome!

International StudentsCarleton's rigorous and highly supportive environment prepares students for a constantly changing world.  Our liberal arts curriculum - taught by an exceptional faculty dedicated to teaching undergraduates - combines broad learning in the arts, humanities, mathematics, and natural and social sciences, with in-depth study in a particular field.  We encourage students to go beyond the obvious to approach problems creatively.  Students learn skills that will last a lifetime: critical thinking, effective self-expression, and flexibility in adapting to dynamic situations. 

Why Carleton?

Some reasons that international students choose Carleton include:

  • Carleton ranks among the top liberal arts colleges in the United States.
  • Carleton is committed to making the campus more global - you'll be surrounded by people who care about bridging communities and addressing about global issues.
  • Carleton strives to provide a liberal arts education of the highest quality, including small classes taught by premier faculty, group-based projects with other high-achieving peers, research in our labs and with programs around the world, and a senior comprehensive exercise.
  • Carleton prepares individuals to lead a fully realized life in a diverse and changing world, through classwork, clubs, athletics, the arts, and many other campus programs.
  • Carleton has led all liberal arts colleges in the number of its students who go on to earn a PhD in the natural sciences and mathematics.
  • Carleton is sixth among all colleges and universities in the United States in the percentage of its graduates who go on to receive a PhD
  • Carleton provides support and advising for international students through the Office of Intercultural and International Life (OIIL) with such events as Host Family, group dinners, International Festival,  discussion groups, peer mentoring, and other programs.
  • Carleton is one of the "International 50," a group of four-year institutions commended for long-term commitments to international affairs and excellence in education for future leaders.
  • Carleton is among the "Science 50," a group of colleges noted for strength in science education.