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Arrange an Interview

Interviews give us an opportunity to chat with you more about your interest in Carleton.  We do not require our applicants to have an interview.  We interview high school students from spring of junior year through mid-January of their senior year. Please contact our office by mid-December of your senior year to arrange your interview. Given their extended application deadline, transfer students can generally interview in our office through mid-February, though these interviews should be arranged by February 1. Don't panic if you miss the deadline - there are plenty of students who come to Carleton without having an admissions interview.  

Generally speaking, there are 3 ways to interview:

  1. On campus, during your campus visit.

    You can request an interview when you schedule your visit with the Admissions Office.  High school juniors can start interviewing during our spring academic term. Although we can arrange interviews to occur through mid-January of your senior year, high school students need to contact our office by mid-December to help us better ensure we can accommodate your request for a wintertime interview.

  2. In your area, with a Carleton alum.

    Our Alumni Admissions Reps are eager to interview prospective students.  You can request an interview in your area and our Admissions Office will contact you with further information to arrange your interview at a time mutually convenient to you and an AAR.  High school students can interview with an AAR from springtime of your junior year through January 15 of your senior year. Transfer students can interview through mid-February.

  3. In your area, during an interview day.

    Sometimes our AARs and Admissions Office staff host a day of interviews, with date, time, and location already set. Check out Interview Days to see if there is one being held in your area. These interview days are a good chance to meet with AARs as well as other prospective students from your area.


An interview is not required as part of your application to Carleton, but it is recommended. It's a chance for us to get to know you as a person, not just a transcript and some test scores, and a chance for you to get to know the college.

Because on-campus interview slots are limited, during busy times we give priority to senior applicants. You are welcome to contact our office about scheduling and availability.

Tips for Interviewing

  • Relax. Interviews are informational, not evaluative. We're not making black marks against you on a checklist. The goal is just to get better acquainted.
  • Dress casually. Your interviewer may wear a suit, but you don't have to.
  • Plan ahead. The interview is as much for your benefit as ours. Think about the questions you want answered about Carleton College.