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Carleton Places

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Carleton Places by name

  • The Arboretum

    The Arb (Cowling Arboretum)

    The Arboretum (known affectionately as "The Arb") consists of 800 acres of prairie and woodland purchased by Carleton president Donald J. Cowling back in the 1920s. Students enjoy its jogging, biking, and skiing trails and biology classes use it for field research.

    The Arb (Cowling Arboretum) videos, photos, and more

    44.4618431305481 -93.1472557783127

  • The Bald Spot

    The Bald Spot

    The Bald Spot may be treeless, but it's rarely empty. This grassy expanse in the middle of campus sees a constant stream of activity: Frisbee games, al fresco studying and picnics in spring, broomball in winter, huge campus gatherings for Commencement and Reunion.

    The Bald Spot videos, photos, and more

    44.4609985351562 -93.1546020507812

  • Bell Field

    Bell Field

    Located on the eastern edge of the Carleton campus, Bell Field is an 11-acre site comprised of a softball diamond, championship-caliber tennis courts and two soccer fields. The slope leading down to Bell Field from Evans Hall is a popular winter sledding hill.

    Bell Field videos, photos, and more

    44.4602012634277 -93.1485977172852

  • Benton House

    Benton House

    Benton House is the science fiction and fantasy special-interest house on campus. It's a gathering place for members and friends of the Science Fiction Alliance, and a home to some of the SFA members. Benton House also has a library of science fiction and fantasy books that's open to all Carls.

    Benton House photos and more

    44.4586982727051 -93.154296875

  • Boliou Hall

    Boliou Hall

    Boliou Memorial Hall is home to the Department of Art and Art History. This striking stone and glass building contains well-equipped studios, classrooms, woodshop, auditorium, and the Visual Resources Library.

    Boliou Hall photos and more

    44.4623985290527 -93.152702331543

  • Boston

    42.3747783611142 -71.0590211302042

  • Burton Hall

    Burton Hall

    Burton Hall is both a student residence hall and the location of Burton Dining Hall, one of two dining facilities on the Carleton campus. It has four floors, including the floor traditionally known as the loudest on campus owing to the foot traffic it receives: First Burton. It is part of the "complex" that links it to Davis Hall, Sevy Hall and Sayles-Hill without having to walk outside.

    Burton Hall photos and more

    44.4604988098145 -93.1567001342773

  • CANOE House

    CANOE House (Chaney House)

    CANOE House is a special-interest house for students who appreciate and actively explore the outdoors.

    CANOE House (Chaney House) photos and more

    44.4587586671996 -93.1502391098184

  • CMC

    The CMC (Center for Math & Computing)

    The CMC is home to the math and computer science departments at Carleton, as well as extra computer labs. Students can go to the Math Skills Center for tutoring or just to ask a question about a particularly pesky partial differential. The floor in the first floor lobby is made out of Penrose Tiles, which are made of a limited number of shapes but never repeat the same pattern twice.

    The CMC (Center for Math & Computing) photos and more

    44.4625015258789 -93.1537017822266

  • The Cannon River in downtown Northfield

    The Cannon River

    The Cannon River flows through historic downtown Northfield, past the Carleton campus, and through Carleton's 800-acre arboreteum.

    The Cannon River photos and more

    44.4636001586914 -93.1583023071289

  • Career Center

    The mission of the Carleton Career Center is to empower students and recent graduates to integrate and apply their liberal arts education toward succeeding in their career paths and living a meaningful life after Carleton.

    44.4613060926059 -93.1561524874996

  • Carleton College

    Northfield, Minnesota
    Aerial view of Skinner Memorial Chapel and the Bald Spot from the north, surrounded by dozens of trees in fall colors

    44.4609242409038 -93.1547148234677

  • Cassat Hall

    Completed in 2009, Cassat Hall is one of Carleton’s first newest residence halls and was built using environmentally sustainable construction standards and including many energy-efficient features. Cassat Hall is named in recognition of George L. Cassat ’46 and the late Patricia Donnell Cassat ’46.

    More about Cassat Hall

    44.460020651984 -93.1508338451386

  • The Cave

    The Cave

    The Cave, located in the basement of Evans Hall, is a concert venue, dance party locale, snack/espresso bar, pool hall, and general student hang-out spot. Founded in 1927, it's the country's oldest student-run pub.

    The Cave videos, photos, and more

    44.4607009887695 -93.1495971679688

  • Chapati Indian Restaurant


    Just a short walk from campus, Chapati serves delicious Indian food--including an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet most days.

    Chapati photos and more

    44.4579696655273 -93.1593933105469

  • Contented Cow pub

    The Contented Cow

    The Contented Cow is a Northfield pub in the British tradition. The Cow takes its name from the Northfield town motto: "Cows, Colleges, and Contentment."

    The Contented Cow photos and more

    44.4574165344238 -93.159797668457

  • Cowling Gym

    Cowling Gymnasium

    Cowling Recreation Center is the smaller of two recreation centers on the east side of campus. It includes a gymnasium with practice areas for volleyball and basketball, an indoor tennis practice court, a dance studio, a sauna, and a 25-yard pool.

    Cowling Gymnasium photos and more

    44.4598007202148 -93.1500015258789

  • Dacie Moses House

    Dacie Moses House

    Dacie Moses, a long-time employee at Carleton, was known for inviting students to her house for cookies and conversation. In her will she donated her house, which is still a shared gathering spot. Whether to bake cookies (which must be left for all to enjoy), share brunch, or maybe catch one of the a cappella groups practicing there, this house provides a sense of "home" for many.

    Dacie Moses House videos, photos, and more

    44.4589805603027 -93.1573486328125

  • Davis Hall

    Davis Hall

    Davis Hall is one of the west campus residence halls. Upper floors enjoy a great view of the Bald Spot and the Chapel. It is a part of the "complex" that links Burton Hall, Sevy Hall and Sayles-Hill.

    Davis Hall photos and more

  • The Druid Circle

    The Druid Circle is a stone circle in the Upper Arboretum. It hosts meetings of the Reformed Druids of North America, a religious group that began at Carleton in 1963 as a protest against a requirement that students attend religious services. Although the College dropped the requirement in 1964, the student organization lives on.

    The Druid Circle photos and more

    44.4620018005371 -93.1453018188477

  • East Dining Hall

    East Dining Hall

    One of two large dining halls on the Carleton Campus, the East Dining Hall offers a wide range of options for every meal--plus a great view of Lyman Lakes. It is more commonly known as the "LDC," or Language and Dining Center, since the language offices and classrooms are located on its upper floors.

    East Dining Hall photos and more

    44.4608993530273 -93.1511001586914

  • Econofoods

    Econofoods is a grocery store located on the corner of Division St. and Sixth St. in downtown Northfield.

    More about Econofoods

    44.4533996582031 -93.1594009399414

  • Evans Hall

    Evans Hall

    Completed in 1927, Margaret Evans Hall is a four-story dormitory on the east side of campus. Unlike the rest of the residence halls on campus, it is organized by columns rather than floors. Evans is reserved for sophomores and older students, and it is home to The Cave, Carleton's student-run music venue.

    Evans Hall videos, photos, and more

    44.4607009887695 -93.1495971679688

  • Faculty Club

    Faculty Club

    Faculty Club is a series of three interconnected buildings located at 715-721 East Second Street. As their name implies, they were once used for employee housing, but are now used to house students. It is considered to be an off-campus house and is available to sophomores, juniors and seniors. Faculty Club has 24/7 "Quiet Hours."

    Faculty Club photos and more

    44.458625793457 -93.1492538452148

  • Farm House

    Farm House is an off-campus house devoted to sustainable living. Its sister house Parr House is located next door to Farm House, and the two houses join each evening for a community dinner. Each spring term Farm House is the site of Farmstock, a folk music festival and picnic.

    Farm House videos, photos, and more

    44.4662551879883 -93.1498336791992

  • The GSC (Gender and Sexuality Center)

    Located in the basement of Scoville Hall, The Gender and Sexuality Center offers resources and support for women's, men's and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues. The GSC offers a comfortable space on campus where students can drop by anytime to browse through the library, read a magazine, chat with the staff or have a cup of tea.

    The GSC (Gender and Sexuality Center) videos and more

    44.4600982666016 -93.1559982299805

  • Bead Shop

    Glass Garden Beads

    A Northfield shop offering unique beads and beading classes.

    Glass Garden Beads photos and more

    44.4560012817383 -93.1601028442383

  • Goodbye Blue Monday

    Goodbye Blue Monday

    Goodbye Blue Monday is a coffee shop on Division Street in downtown Northfield. It's a great place to study because there's free wireless and coffee close at hand. There's also funky art on the walls and hot cider served in the winter.

    Goodbye Blue Monday photos and more

    44.4567156693198 -93.1597080230495

  • Goodhue Hall

    Goodhue Hall

    Goodhue is a residence hall across the Lyman Lakes from the main campus, next to the Arb and the Rec Center. One of its distinguishing features is its "Superlounge," a converted dining hall with a big-screen television as well as ping pong and billiard tables.

    Goodhue Hall photos and more

    44.4623985290527 -93.1495971679688

  • Goodsell Observatory

    Goodsell Observatory

    Built in the late 1890s, Goodsell Observatory houses three historic telescopes (all more than 110 years old) as well as modern telescopes used for classes and open houses. The building is on the National Register of Historic Places.

    Goodsell Observatory videos, photos, and more

    44.4618263244629 -93.1524353027344

  • Gould Library

    Gould Library

    The library (the Libe) is a great place to study, use a computer lab, or stretch out on one of the comfy couches. Oh, and you can also check out one of 500,000 books, 1,458 print journals, 13,045 electronic journals, or 400,000 U.S. government publications. Plus, our librarians are super heroes.

    Gould Library videos, photos, and more

    44.462100982666 -93.1544036865234

  • Severance Great Hall

    Great Hall

    Great Hall is a spacious gathering place in Severance Hall, built in the tradition of the great halls found in English country houses. It is the site of many college gatherings, including Midwinter Ball, lectures, dinners, receptions, and alumni reunions.

    Great Hall photos and more

    44.461016130519 -93.156498670578

  • Hill House

    Hill House

    Hill House is a Carleton-owned off-campus house located at 205 College St. It has rooms for 25 students and is available to upperclassmen through room draw.

    Hill House photos and more

    44.4581985473633 -93.155158996582

  • Three Oaks - emblematic

    Hill of Three Oaks

    Named for the large oak trees near the center of the fields, the Hill of Three Oaks overlooks a nearly-50-acre playing field that's home to Carleton's Ultimate Frisbee, rugby and lacrosse intercollegiate club teams and to various intramural and recreational activities. It's also a gateway to the upper portion of the Arboretum.

    Hill of Three Oaks photos and more

    44.4633286382167 -93.1474113464355

  • Hogan Brothers acoustic cafe

    Hogan Brothers' Acoustic Cafe

    Hogan Brothers on Division Street is famous for its hoagie sandwiches with secret-recipe dressing. Stop by in the summer for an ice cream cone, on a cold winter's day for soup and sandwiches, or on Acoustic Night to hear local bands.

    More about Hogan Brothers' Acoustic Cafe

    44.4559059143066 -93.1600570678711

  • Hulings Hall

    Hulings Hall

    Hulings Hall is a large facility that houses the Biology department. It is one of three buildings that make up the Science Complex, along with Olin Hall (with which it is connected) and Mudd Hall. The first two floors house lab rooms, while the third floor is home to the offices of Biology faculty.

    More about Hulings Hall

    44.4609718322754 -93.1530990600586

  • Huntington House

    Huntington House

    Huntington House is an off-campus house located at 119 College Street. It is student housing and available to 16 upperclassmen during room draw.

    Huntington House photos and more

    44.4586982727051 -93.1550979614258

  • James Gang Coffeehouse

    Stop by the James Gang for coffee drinks, smoothies, and eats. Named for the group of outlaws led by Jesse James that tried (and failed) to rob the First National Bank of Northfield in 1876.

    More about James Gang Coffeehouse

    44.437653647448 -93.1833372115216

  • James Hall

    James Hall

    Completed in 2009, James Hall and Cassat Hall are Carleton’s first new full-scale residence halls since 1967. Housing approximately 230 students between the two buildings, the project allows Carleton to reduce overcrowding in current student housing and to bring back at least 100 students from off-campus housing. The halls were built using environmentally sustainable construction standards and include many energy-efficient features.

    More about James Hall

    44.4600053367971 -93.1518316268921

  • Japanese Garden

    The Japanese Garden

    Carleton's Japanese Garden, Jo-ryo-en (the "Garden of Quiet Listening"), is a serene setting located behind Watson Hall. It was designed in 1974 by David Slawson, and is frequently recognized as one of the best Japanese Gardens in the country. Many students find the Japanese Garden an ideal place to read and meditate.

    The Japanese Garden photos and more

    44.459300994873 -93.14990234375

  • Johnson House

    Johnson House

    Johnson House is the future home of the Career Center!

    Johnson House photos and more

    44.459400177002 -93.1561965942383

  • La Casa del Sol (Hunt Cottage)

    La Casa del Sol is a house designed to serve both the Latino community at Carleton College, as well as the larger Carleton and local Northfield community, through education and programming. La Casa is an integral part of the Latino community at Carleton because it encourages academic success and community development. La Casa welcomes the Carleton community to come and celebrate diversity.

    More about La Casa del Sol (Hunt Cottage)

    44.4592502930524 -93.1573669912177

  • Laird Hall

    Laird Hall

    Laird Hall includes the President's Office, Dean of the College Office, classrooms, and the English department.

    Laird Hall photos and more

    44.4620018005371 -93.1539001464844

  • Laird Stadium

    Laird Stadium

    Laird Stadium seats 7,500 for football and outdoor track and field meets, and houses handball/squash courts, a batting cage and a weight room. For football, Laird Stadium features one of the finest natural playing surfaces in the region. The stadium is one of the largest in Division III and the biggest west of the Mississippi. Circling the football field in front of the stadium is an eight-lane, 400-meter all-weather track and field facility, complete with steeplechase water jump.

    Laird Stadium photos and more

    44.461799621582 -93.1583023071289

  • Language & Dining Center

    Language and Dining Center: the LDC

    This building is home to the Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Greek, Latin, French, Russian, and German departments as well as Dining East, one of the two dining halls on campus.

    Language and Dining Center: the LDC photos and more

    44.4609260559082 -93.1515731811523

  • Leighton Hall

    Leighton Hall

    Leighton Hall is a multipurpose building that includes classrooms, academic departments, the Business Office and Off-Campus Studies. It was originally built as the Leighton Hall of Chemistry, an inscription that remains on the building today.

    Leighton Hall photos and more

    44.4620018005371 -93.1555023193359

  • Cujokra performs in the Sayles Great Space in the 1980's.

    Little Nourse Theater

    Little Nourse Theater is a black box theater located in the basement of Nourse Hall. It is capable of seating around 150 audience members and serves as the primary performance space of groups including the Experimental Theater Board (ETB), Lenny Dee (Carleton's sketch comedy troupe), Queens of Comedy (Carleton's stand up comedy collective), and Cujokra (Carleton's premier improvised comedy group).

    More about Little Nourse Theater

    44.4606485711903 -93.1518745422363

  • Lyman Lakes

    Lyman Lakes

    Lyman Lakes are two small lakes on campus. They separate Goodhue, the Rec Center and the frisbee fields from the rest of campus. The lakes comprise approximately 8 acres of surface area on the lower Spring Creek watershed. The Lower Lyman Lake is the site of Mai Fete and Stewsie Island.

    Lyman Lakes photos and more

    44.4629745483398 -93.1512756347656

  • Mai Fete Island

    Mai Fete Island

    Mai Fete is one of two islands located on the Lyman Lakes. The island earned its moniker for playing host to the annual Mai Fate pageant, a Carleton tradition that began in 1918. Each Wednesday evening of Spring term, the senior class gathers on Mai Fete to barbecue and celebrate their final term together.

    Mai Fete Island photos and more

    44.4631004333496 -93.1518020629883

  • Malt o Meal

    Malt o Meal is a cereal manufacturing plant in Northfield. When the wind is right, it makes the air on campus smell like cookies.

    More about Malt o Meal

  • Russ Petricka

    Math Skills Center

    The Math Skills Center is a place for students who are taking math courses (and experiencing difficulty with them) to study, do homework, and meet for one-on-one tutoring.

    Math Skills Center videos, photos, and more

    44.4624099731445 -93.1535034179688

  • Mudd Hall

    Mudd Hall

    Mudd Hall is home to the Chemistry and Geology departments, as well as classrooms and labs.

    Mudd Hall photos and more

    44.4609985351562 -93.1522979736328

  • Musser Hall

    Musser Hall

    Musser is a student residence hall on the west side of campus. Its tiled hallways are often covered with quotations, poetry, and drawings in dry-erase marker.

    Musser Hall videos, photos, and more

    44.4598999023438 -93.1572036743164

  • Myers Hall

    Myers Hall

    Myers Hall is a four-story dormitory on the east side of campus.

    Myers Hall videos, photos, and more

    44.4608993530273 -93.1507034301758

  • Downtown Northfield


    Northfield, Minnesota (population 17,000) is a historic Midwestern river town with two colleges: Carleton, of course, and St. Olaf. The notorious Jesse James met his downfall here in 1876, which the Northfielders celebrate every September with the Defeat of Jesse James Days festival.

    Northfield videos, photos, and more

  • Northfield Arts Guild

    The Northfield Arts Guild is an arts center in downtown Northfield. It includes an art gallery, dance studio, recital room, art classrooms, gift store and administrative offices

    More about Northfield Arts Guild

    44.4571189880371 -93.160026550293

  • Nourse Hall

    Nourse Hall

    Nourse is a beautiful old residence hall located on the East Side of campus, near the Language and Dining Center. Fourth Nourse, which is reserved for women, is the only non-co-ed floor on campus.

    Nourse Hall videos, photos, and more

    44.4606323242188 -93.1518402099609

  • Nutting House

    Nutting House

    Nutting House, residence of the college President, is also the site of many social gatherings for faculty, staff, students and alumni.

    Nutting House photos and more

    44.4575996398926 -93.1566009521484

  • Olin Hall

    Olin Hall

    In Olin Hall you'll find the Psychology, Physics and Astronomy departments as well as science classrooms and labs.

    Olin Hall photos and more

    44.4612998962402 -93.1526031494141

  • Owens House

    Owens House is a townhouse offering students apartment-style living. Owens is convenient to both campus and Northfield's historic downtown.

    44.4594463297238 -93.1580382585526

  • Parish House in winter

    Parish House

    Parish House, also known as Language House, is Carleton's largest interest house. It houses students wishing to improve their foreign language skills.

    Parish House videos, photos, and more

    44.4576454162598 -93.1547927856445

  • Friday flowers fill Sayles mailboxes

    Post Office

    The Post Office is located in Sayles-Hill Campus Center. Every Carleton student receives a mailbox adjacent to the Post Office, although the number of that mailbox changes each term. On Fridays, the mailboxes are often filled with flowers instead of mail, thanks to the Friday Flowers tradition.

    Post Office photos and more

    44.4612312316895 -93.1561431884766

  • Recreation Center

    Recreation Center

    Carleton's 80,000 square foot Recreation Center features a 200 meter indoor track, four indoor tennis/basketball courts, racquetball courts, a 5300 square foot fitness center and weight room, an aerobics studio, and a climbing wall.

    Recreation Center photos and more

    44.4640007019043 -93.1494979858398

  • Rice House

    Rice House

    Rice House is a substance-free off-campus house on College Street. It is available to upperclassmen during room draw and houses 19 students.

    Rice House photos and more

    44.4580001831055 -93.1558990478516

  • Sayles-Hill Campus Center

    Sayles Hill Campus Center

    Sayles is the heart of student life on campus. It contains the post office, career center, bookstore, and the snack bar, a good place to grab a sandwich. Many Carleton social events take place in the Great Space just outside of the snack bar.

    Sayles Hill Campus Center videos, photos, and more

    44.4613913449469 -93.1560909748077

  • Scoville Hall

    Scoville Hall

    You'll find the distinctive Scoville Hall on the National Register of Historic Buildings--and inside its stone walls, you'll find the Admissions Office and Student Financial Services. Come visit!

    Scoville Hall photos and more

    44.4600982666016 -93.1559982299805

  • Seattle

    47.6078914001872 -122.320678643882

  • Severance Hall

    Severance Hall

    Severance Hall is a residence hall that also houses a large Tea Room for social gatherings and a number of campus offices including the Office of Residential Life.

    Severance Hall photos and more

    44.4609985351562 -93.1566009521484

  • Skinner Memorial Chapel

    Skinner Memorial Chapel

    The Chapel is the heart of religious and spiritual life at Carleton, serving as a place of worship and interfaith dialogue for both campus and community. In a typical week, the chapel may host a centering prayer and meditation, a Torah study group, a Christian vespers service, Buddhist meditation, a Labyrinth walk, and an interfaith social justice meeting.

    Skinner Memorial Chapel photos and more

    44.460262298584 -93.1546783447266

  • St. Olaf

    St. Olaf College is the other liberal arts college in Northfield, and Carleton's longtime rival.

    More about St. Olaf

    44.4608993530273 -93.1837005615234

  • Lyman Lakes labyrinth

    Stewsie Island Labyrinth

    Stewsie Island is the smaller of the two islands on the Lower Lyman Lake. The island was named in honor of D. Blake Stewart, longtime Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds. Its meditative labyrinth was constructed in 2002.

    Stewsie Island Labyrinth videos, photos, and more

    44.4636192321777 -93.1528167724609

  • Stimson House sidewalk

    Stimson House

    Stimson House is an off-campus house that's the site of the Multicultural Center. It's also a residence for several students working as intercultural program assistants.

    Stimson House videos, photos, and more

    44.459434843221 -93.1567990779877

  • Student Computing Information Center

    The Student Computing Information Center (SCIC) is housed in the Center for Mathematics and Computing. It provides free computer support to Carleton students.

    More about Student Computing Information Center

    44.4624404907227 -93.1535034179688

  • Tandem Bagels

    Mere blocks from campus, Tandem Bagels is one of Northfield's Division Street eateries. Their offerings include made-from-scratch bagels and baked goods, sandwiches, salads, and soups. Open for breakfast and lunch.

    More about Tandem Bagels

    44.4566716356541 -93.1595041748369

  • The Tavern

    The Tavern

    The Tavern is a cozy restaurant tucked into the lower level of the Archer House, a beautiful 4-story 1877 hotel that's just a stone's throw from campus.

    The Tavern photos and more

    44.4579696655273 -93.1593933105469

  • Minneapolis skyline at night

    Twin Cities

    The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul are located just 45 minutes north of Northfield, making them an easy destination when you need a dose of urban life. Attractions include:
    Restaurants of every imaginable cuisine: Italian, Thai, Mexican, Indian, Chinese, Ethiopian, Japanese, and more.
    Sports. Twins professional baseball, St. Paul Saints minor-league baseball, the Vikings, the Timberwolves, soccer and, of course, hockey, the Wild. Or check out a less expensive sporting event at The University of Minnesota (just say "U of M").
    Theaters with Broadway shows and local productions. The Ordway and Orpheum are the premiere musical theaters in town while the acclaimed Guthrie Theater is a prime venue for major and experimental productions. The Fitzgerald (in Saint Paul) hosts National Public Radio's "Prairie Home Companion" with Garrison Keillor.
    Film, with numerous locations for popular releases and the Uptown and Lagoon Cinemas for independent and art films.
    Classical arts. The American Ballet Theater, St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, Minnesota Opera Company, and the Minnesota Orchestra should keep you busy.
    Music. The Cities' indie music scene is one of the best in the country with venues like First Avenue, the Varsity Theater and the Cedar Cultural Center regularly hosting national acts.
    Museums and galleries. The Minneapolis Institute of Arts, the Walker Art Center, and the Weisman Museum at the U of M, accommodate both standing collections and touring exhibits. Across from the Walker is the outdoor Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. The Warehouse District of Minneapolis is a mecca of small funky galleries hosting both local and national artists.
    Shopping abounds in Downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul. There's also the Mall of America with more than a million square feet of shopping and entertainment.

    Twin Cities photos and more

  • Watson Hall

    Watson Hall

    Watson Hall is a student residence hall located on the southeast corner of campus. At seven floors high, it is the tallest building on campus. In the back of Watson Hall is the serene Garden of Quiet Listening, voted one of the best Japanese gardens in the country.

    Watson Hall photos and more

    44.459400177002 -93.1502990722656

  • Weitz Center for Creativity

    Weitz Center for Creativity

    This building served as Northfield's high school and later its middle school until it was purchased by Carleton in 2006 for use as a multifaceted arts facility. Initially named The Arts Union, it was renamed to reflect the generosity of its biggest donor.

    More about Weitz Center for Creativity

    44.4571260102779 -93.1561660766602

  • West Gym

    West Gym

    The West Gymnasium houses a 1,240-seat arena that serves as the varsity basketball and volleyball court, a six-lane, 25-yard pool with one- and three-meter diving boards and seating for 350. Adjacent to West Gym are practice soccer fields, a practice football field and two outdoor basketball courts.

    West Gym photos and more

    44.4630813598633 -93.1565170288086

  • Willis Hall

    Willis Hall

    Willis Hall, one of Carleton's oldest buildings, was originally completed in 1872 and then rebuilt in 1880 after a fire gutted the interior. Today Willis remains a campus landmark, especially when its clock chimes the hours. Willis houses the political science and economic departments along with the Write Place, the campus writing center.

    Willis Hall photos and more

  • Carleton's wind turbine

    The Wind Turbines

    Carleton receives approximately 30% of its annual electricity from the Kracum wind turbine, installed in October 2011. Our first turbine, installed in September 2004, serves an equivalent amount to the public grid.

    The Wind Turbines photos and more

    44.4589996337891 -93.1143035888672

  • The Write Place

    The Write Place is a student-run center providing academic writing help for students at all stages of the writing process.

    More about The Write Place

    44.4600715637207 -93.1561050415039