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Dacie Moses House


Dacie Moses, a long-time employee at Carleton, was known for inviting students to her house for cookies and conversation. In her will she donated her house, which is still a shared gathering spot. Whether to bake cookies (which must be left for all to enjoy), share brunch, or maybe catch one of the a cappella groups practicing there, this house provides a sense of "home" for many.

  • Anna Chance '15
    I work at Dacie Moses, baking and cleaning the space so that other students have a safe, fun place to go when they want to bake or get away from homework for a while. I bake whatever I likeā€”just today I made 64 cinnamon meringues, 3 loaves of rhubarb coffee cake, and 2 applesauce pies. Tomorrow I plan on making pound cake, coffee-chocolate cookies, and apple muffins.
  • At Dacie Moses House
    Baking Cookies at Dacie's takes place at Dacie Moses House.
  • Dacie Moses House
    Dacie Moses House, a.k.a. "The Cookies House"
  • Cookie Baking at Dacie's
    A student checks a batch of cookies in the kitchen of Dacie Moses House, the cookie-baking capitol of Carleton.
  • Dacie
  • Anna Chance '15

    Anna Chance '15 baking at Dacie Moses House

  • Brunch at the Moze

    Brunch at the Moze

    Shanti sleeping off Dacies Moses Brunch.


    Anna Callahan '13