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Mai Fete Island

Mai Fete is one of two islands located on the Lyman Lakes. The island earned its moniker for playing host to the annual Mai Fate pageant, a Carleton tradition that began in 1918. Each Wednesday evening of Spring term, the senior class gathers on Mai Fete to barbecue and celebrate their final term together.

Mai Fete Island
Mai Fete Island, site of epic Mai Fete celebrations for many decades at Carleton.
  • The last fledglings

    The last fledglings

    Ducks gather on what is left of the ice


    Anna Callahan '13
  • Misting


    Early morning mists rise over Mai Fete


    Anna Callahan '13
  • Mai Fete

    Mai Fete

    Is it time for Mai Fete yet?


    Ellen Farnham '13
  • 1928 Mai Fete
    A bevy of Carleton beauties enacts the annual Mai Fete pageant on Mai Fete Island in 1928. The theme was "Sea Dragon".
  • Mai Fete 1948
    Carleton students in 1948 enact the annual Mai Fete pageant on Mai Fete Island.
  • Bridge to Mai Fete Island
    Bridge to Mai Fete Island, lower Lyman Lake


    Christopher Tassava