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Skinner Memorial Chapel

The Chapel is the heart of religious and spiritual life at Carleton, serving as a place of worship and interfaith dialogue for both campus and community. In a typical week, the chapel may host a centering prayer and meditation, a Torah study group, a Christian vespers service, Buddhist meditation, a Labyrinth walk, and an interfaith social justice meeting.

Skinner Memorial Chapel
Skinner Memorial Chapel
  • Skinner Memorial Chapel
    Skinner Memorial Chapel
  • Chapel
  • Toff
    Toff, the campus cat, poses before Skinner Chapel
  • At the end of the day.

    At the end of the day.

    It's beginning to warm up, and the snow is almost gone. With the pink light on the chapel, the sun is out and spring is coming!


    Schuyler Rowe '14


  • Fall Colors

    Fall Colors

    Winter is beautiful, but I can never forget the beauty of the fall.


    Agnes Tse '16
  • Early Yet in Spring

    Early Yet in Spring

    When it's cold outside it's hard to appreciate the beauty of the snow-covered campus. When it's warm, as it was early in this spring term (2011), the snow was a reminder of how beautiful the campus is at all times of the year.


    Kate Madison '11