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Let the wind blow! Carleton was the first college in the country to own a utility-grade wind turbine (below), purchased for $1.8 million as part of our commitment to green, non-polluting energy. The turbine replaces about 40 percent of our total electrical load, dramatically reducing our output of greenhouse gases. Over the lifetime of the turbine, it's estimated that the College will reduce its carbon dioxide output by 1.5 million tons--the weight of about 214,000 adult elephants.

Keeping It Green

Carleton's official colors might be maize and blue, but look around campus and you'll be seeing green. The College is committed to being a good citizen of a more sustainable world (yeah, it's corny, but what do you expect from a college in the cornfields?).

Carleton students push the College to think greener every day--even if it means camping outside in the middle of winter. Students inspired Carleton's purchase of a first wind turbine in 2004 and a second in 2011, installation of an energy-saving green roof, the launch of a Sustainability Assistants program, and the availability of Fair Trade organic coffee at the campus snack bar. Back in 2006, one enterprising student even tried to make the world a better place by wiping her hands on her pants instead of a paper towel.

On the down side, you may find yourself in the dark with your jeans around your ankles, because some zealous energy-conserver thought they were leaving an empty bathroom. But despite the occasional bathroom blackout, we can't imagine Carleton any other way.