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To help students keep cracking the books, Carleton cracks a lot of eggs. On the eve of final exams, hungry hordes of students take a break from studying to enjoy the traditional Late Night Breakfast, a smorgasbord of breakfast foods served up by the College deans.

Traditions with a twist.

"Beloved college traditions." Sounds dignified, venerable, and just a little dull, doesn't it? Perhaps you're imagining a solemn procession of academics marching down a hallowed hall. Somewhere the Alma Mater is playing. Outside, the ivy grows. Yawn.

Not a chance. Remember, this is Carleton.

Here, those beloved traditions include:

  • Blowing bubbles on the faculty at Opening Convocation.
  • Mad pursuits across campus to seize control of the bust of Schiller.
  • A Halloween concert where an orchestra in full costume plays at the stroke of midnight.
  • Challenging Cupid to strike on a blind date with Set Up Your Roommate.
  • All-hours cookie baking at Dacie Moses House.
  • Dancing the night away at Midwinter Ball (celebrating your victory in the ice-carving contest, perhaps).
  • Late Night Trivia, a hyperactive trivia competition put on by the student DJs of radio station KRLX.
  • Competing for the coveted (and hideous) Goat Trophy against cross-town basketball rival St. Olaf.
  • Mai Fete, Carleton's spring music festival featuring campus and professional bands.

You might say Carleton's got a tradition of not having boring traditions.