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Every weekend is a good weekend

November 19, 2010 at 10:35 am
By Katie Jumbe, Assistant Dean of Admissions

Carleton isn't far from the Twin Cities but it is not IN a city (and there's no hiding it--the cornfields keep giving us away). But Northfield and the Carleton campus are usually bustling with activity.  (Check out our campus events calendar for a sampling of on-campus fare.) Still, prospective students and parents rightly wonder: What's there to do on the weekend?

Well, we're not a commuter or suitcase campus. Very few people arrive at Carleton expecting to see high school friends in the evening or on the weekends. Instead, students tend to stick around and get involved, and when they aren't doing something themselves, they love coming out to support their friends.

But don't take it from me. I ran around campus right before Halloween** and asked, "What do you do on a typical weekend?" I also wanted to know: "What is one thing you're up to this weekend?"


From my (very small) sample, the consensus seems to be:

  1. There will be some studying involved.
  2. There will be some casual hanging out with friends (a walk, cooking, basketball, video games)
  3. There will be a campus event somewhere in the mix (a play, a show, a movie, a game, etc.).

There it is, from the mouths of, um, full grown adults.

**It is a sad testament to my hectic fall schedule and my lack of editing/exporting expertise that it has taken me 3 weeks to get this thing uploaded :-P


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