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Meet the Fellows

July 3, 2013 at 9:54 am
By Karen

Hello, and welcome to the summer season at Admissions! We're your Summer Fellows - working here in Admissions giving tours, conducting interviews, and doing general office work. We'll be recording our various adventures on this blog, so stay tuned for more updates! For now, we thought we'd introduce ourselves, and give you a bit of an idea of how we spend our time here on campus.

Hello! My name is Isaac Werner and I’ll be working in Admissions this summer. I’m a rising senior English major from Perham, MN. Although I enjoy reading--particularly 20th Century American and Postcolonial literature--I also spend a lot of time with the Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS) department. In fact, I just returned from a CAMS study abroad trip studying digital photography and the ways digital media have reshaped contemporary art. We travelled to Barcelona, Amsterdam, and Istanbul, where I had adventures including (but not limited to) falling in a canal and getting tear gassed. I also have a weakness for Twilight and its related merchandising. When I am not reading or in bodily danger, I dance as a member of Semaphore Repertory Dance Company, a modern dance company on campus. I also participate in Ebony II, a student-run dance group with over 200 members, and am co-editor of the weekly English Department newsletter. During the academic year, I work at the Gender and Sexuality Center where I work with the other student workers to plan events centered around LGBT issues, men’s issues, women’s issues, and survivor support. I also spend a lot of time running in the Arb, hanging out at the Cow, and wishing that I could somehow comps in the American Studies Department.

Hi! I’m Holly Buttrey. I’m a rising senior Latin American Studies major with a concentration in African/African American Studies and Spanish. I’m from Thetford, VT. During the school year I sing in a coed a cappella group, Intertwining Melodies, co-captain the varsity softball team, volunteer in the Admissions Office giving tours, play a variety of intramural sports, and work both as a Spanish TA and Student Medical Assistant for the football team. I am a cat person and outdoor enthusiast. During the summer after my freshman year I had the opportunity to study abroad in northwestern British Columbia, combining my love of hiking (and bears, marmots, and Blistered Rock Tripe) with environmental research. I spent my sophomore spring in Peru learning about some variations of Peruvian culture by living in Lima, Trujillo, and throughout the Andes. I am also incredibly excited to travel to Cuba for the month of January with St. Olaf college to kick off 2014 to work on my COMPS project and learn about historical memory on the island. In my free time I love Sayles’s curly fries, El Triunfo’s tostadas con pollo, and the biking machine in the Rec that lets you chase dragons.

Hey guys, I’m Karen McCleary, a rising senior from Stratham, New Hampshire. I’m a linguistics major and cognitive science concentrator, and I also have  French language certificate. I participate in a lot of dance on campus, which was quite a change from before college, as I had never before taken a dance class! I’m co-captain of the Competitive Latin and Ballroom Dance Team and I also participate in Social Dance Club and Ebony II. Ebony is a student-run dance group, and it’s actually the largest student-run group on campus, with about 200 participants. I’m also the sound board operator for Mustard Seed, a Christian group, and Vice President of the Carleton chapter of Pro-Choice Minnesota. During the school year for my work study, I work at the ITS helpdesk. I’m also head of the Assistive Technology (AzTech) program. I’m the Student Departmental Advisor for linguistics and the Student Concentration Advisor for cog sci. In terms of travels outside of Carleton, winter term of my sophomore year I studied abroad in Mali, West Africa with the French and Francophone Studies department at Carleton. For ten weeks, I lived with a host family, took classes, and traveled throughout Mali and Burkina Faso. I learned a ton about Malian films, literature, traditional dishes, and navigating the public transportation system (mostly by sotrama, or bus - look them up!). When I’m not participating in one of my aforementioned activities, you’ll probably find me hanging out in the linguistics lounge in Goodsell Observatory, studying on 4.5 Libe, or, in warmer weather, taking advantage of the sun and reading on the Bald Spot.

What’s happenin’! My name is Michael Tolan, and I’m a rising senior from St. Louis, Missouri. I’m a Classical Studies major here at Carleton, but also enjoy taking classes in the Arabic department and learning about Middle Eastern culture. I’m a varsity Cross Country and Track & Field athlete here at Carleton, and that’s definitely my major non-academic activity. However! I also have worked in the Foreign Language office (Ancient, Asian, and Middle Eastern languages, specifically), and this upcoming term (Fall ‘13), I’ll be working as a Teacher’s Assistant for the Latin 101 class. This past fall (‘12) I took my interest for Classics on the road (err..plane...) and traveled to Rome to study Classics and Italian culture. I love being at Carleton, but it was a truly wonderful opportunity to get out of the classroom and walk around and explore the Eternal City to see the sites, places and objects I had read so much about. I also got to travel all around the Italian countryside on trains, which was awesome, because trains are awesome. I also play drums in the student rock band, Gnarly Charlie and the Riptides (no, there actually isn’t anyone named Charlie in the band, nor was there ever). We’ve played our sweet jams (originals and covers) at shows at Carleton and at various other locations around Northfield. In my free time, I enjoy long walks on the beach, planning ridiculous plots for the cross country team, looking up obscure and silly words in the Oxford Latin Dictionary, tickling the ivories, and nomming on Sayles chicken strips.

Hey dudes! I’m Mitchell Campbell, a psychology major and European studies concentrator from Duluth, Minnesota. I’m one of the student departmental advisers for the psychology department, and am especially interested in cognitive and social psychology. Besides these interests, I also take a lot of computer science classes on campus and enjoy foreign languages, speaking three (with varying ability). Outside of academics, I play cello in the orchestra, captain Carleton’s Nordic skiing team, and work as a Resident Assistant. I’m also pretty involved with the Gender and Sexuality Center and mental health awareness efforts on campus. Like a few of the other Fellows, I also dance in the school’s no-talent-required dance group, Ebony II. When I’m not doing one of these things, I like to be outside, and as a Northern Minnesotan, winter is DEFINITELY my season of choice. A born explorer, I spend a lot of my free time going on, well, adventures! From checking out Minnesota small towns to backpacking in the wilderness to walking to a village outside Florence to watch the sunset, exploration is a big part of who I am. It was also a focal point during the four months I spent living in a small town outside Copenhagen for my study abroad. I’m also a huge fan of music across all sorts of genres (except country) and am known to enjoy not only shows like New Girl and 30 Rock, but also Pokémon and Phineas and Ferb. I tend to nest in my dorm rooms, filling them with posters, pottery, and plants. My favorite things include winter, log cabins, ice cream, laughing, hugs, and good conversations.

Hello everyone! I’m Molly Work and I’m from Claremont, CA. I love being an English major here at Carleton but I also love bouncing around to other academic departments when I can. Take a geology class, you get to go canoeing!! #iwaspocahontas I spend most of my time dancing as a part of Semaphore Modern Dance Company. We are known to spend hours brainstorming awesome party themes. My favorite so far, Librarians vs. Barbarians. I have choreographed and performed in the aforementioned Ebony II every term that I’ve been at Carleton. I was part of the Carleton Choir and Nordic Ski Team freshman year, and last term I was a KRLX radio station DJ. During the school year I work in the Financial Aid Office and next year I am going to co-edit the 2nd Laird Miscellany (the English department newsletter) with Isaac. I was able to study abroad in Sri Lanka this past fall. I spent 15 weeks studying archaeology, environmental science, learning Sinhala, bonding with my amazing host family, traveling to beautiful places, wearing saris, and getting a gnarly teva tan. I love dogs, bodies of water, netflix, christmas lights, pictionary, making lists, The Office, bikes, and dance parties. My favorite thing about Carleton is the people. The people I see everyday here are the reason that I am constantly grateful that I decided to come to Carleton. My favorite things about Carleton are: night-time sparkly snow, the professors, silent dance party, Ebony II, late-night conversations, and the Arb.

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