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Jenga Unchained - and Cookies

July 3, 2013 at 4:20 pm
By Holly

What are some of your favorite aspects about Carleton? What did you write your admissions essay about? Dacie Moses’ Cookie House. Yes, that is my answer to both of those questions. Dacie Moses’ is open 24/7 and is always full of cookie baking supplies. I worked this into my admissions essay in that recipes are an organized way to eat and I like organization. In addition to organization, I also like competitive games. I like to play sports and to watch nearly all sporting events in person and/or on the television. This spans from NBA basketball to a friendly game of Bags (Corn Hole) on the Bald Spot.

So, last week when five of us Admissions’ Fellows set out to Dacie Moses’ it was sure to be an afternoon of  games and goodies. Three of us engaged in an intense battle of Jenga while the other two donned aprons and baked delicious peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies. This collaborative exercise left us all pleased by the end of the day. Despite a disappointing loss in the third round of Jenga (see this video for evidence), I was ultimately the victor - don’t listen to what Michael says. We all were victorious in the food round because the cookies were fantastic.

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