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Summer of Food

July 22, 2013 at 8:08 am
By Isaac and Holly

Despite heat and humidity, our spirits have not been dampened by flooding or thunderstorms. All six fellows have taken our adventurous spirits all over Northfield sampling the local cuisine. An essential part of summer is the food available - be it seasonal vegetables or daily specials. Our first day on the job, we ate as a group in Bridge Square feasting on the lunch fares offered at Tandem Bagels. We have sampled specials, like Rueb N Stein’s $5 burgers and Carbone’s 50 cent tacos (an extra 25 for a side sour cream and salsa). We met new friends from St. Olaf during a day of tour exchanges and then shared a lunch with them at the always-popular Hogan Brother’s that included beer cheese soup, turkey sandwiches, pita platters, and heaps of ice cream.  Later, we were able to share a birthday dinner full of extra large pizzas and group photographs.

Beyond formal meals, we have dined at Target Field on hotdogs and soda pop, we have had Chapati take out, good bye meals at Tokyo Grill, free lunches around campus at different program offices, as well as group dinners at Red Barn Pizza and at Molly’s house. No, Molly’s house is not a restaurant - Molly cooked us dinner! We had a green salad topped with diced fruit, quinoa with chickpeas and feta, a frittata full of vegetables, iced tea, and topped it all off with a homemade crisp.

Besides the obvious necessity of sustenance that comes with meals, these have been opportunities for us to get to know each other. Whether that’s our preferred sandwich meat at HoBros, or our shared love of Carbone’s loaded fries, we bond and spend time together away from an office setting. We anticipate Boonie’s burgers in our future and more meals with the Oles across the river. Until then we will continue with our ways, trying Northfield dining one day at a time.

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