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The Fellows Take On Valleyfair

July 29, 2013 at 1:30 pm
By Michael and Holly

Sorry, this photo and its description have been lost.

photo by Holly’s decade-old cell phone

Over the weekend, four Fellows braved the chilly conditions and threat of rain to attend Valleyfair - a classic Minnesota pastime. Our day consisted of roller coasters, spinny rides, bus ride bonding (minus Michael), and funnel cakes. Holly spent most of her time managing to spill the majority of her powdered sugar from her fried dough on her sweatshirt while avidly people-watching from a bench near the entrance to the dinosaur exhibit. There were a couple takeaways from the day as a whole: First, people wear weird shorts. Second, many rides are fun and refreshing simply because you leave the ride still alive despite what you have have imagined in line or thought throughout the duration of the ride.

Even on a (relatively) cold summer day with rain sputtering on and off throughout the day, there was a fairly substantial crowd at the park. As Holly discovered on her bench, the Valleyfair experience certainly lent itself to great people watching time. Sometimes it can be difficult to justify spending 20 minutes in line for a ride that can last just 45 seconds. You’ll probably spend most of your time at an amusement park in the lines, so making good use of your time in line is essential to enjoying your experience there. Line time is excellent for taking in the sights, sounds and scents around you - hanging out with your friends and ranting about lines and the exorbitant food prices, seeing the people from all walks of life, becoming obese just from smelling the funnel cakes and fried cheese on a stick, etc. Before you know it though, you’re at the front, getting on the ride, and seeing how quickly you speed up and how high you go makes you question why you even waited so long in the first place!

Sorry, this photo and its description have been lost.

photo by Isaac and his iPhone

Despite a dreary forecast and long lines, the day was a success! Holly met Snoopy and welcomed all of the guests. Michael enjoyed the spinning, coasting, and rollering. Karen had a lovely time not feeling sick to her stomach as the others spun but instead mastered the merry-go-round and Caribou Coffee (Karen's editor note: and roller coasters! I went on lots of roller coasters!). And Isaac quietly took on the scariest rides without blinking an eye. Although our preferences in the park varied, we all were able to spend the day together and because of that, we had a fabulous time.

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