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Oh the Places You'll Go...

July 30, 2013 at 10:17 am
By Kendra S - Admissions Counselor '10

A very common question about Carleton, a small, liberal arts college in southern Minnesota, is, "what can you do with a degree from Carleton?"

Avoiding the, "what can't you do with a degree from Carleton?" response that oft jumps to my mind, I try to draw on examples of friends and notable alumni with degrees across the board who are pursuing their interests in passions in myriad ways.

This article jumped out at me for two reasons.  First, Jose Ferriera is an alumnus and is doing interesting things with education - always a draw.  But the article and his work also pushed me to question my typical conception of education and how transfer of knowledge versus transfer of skills can actually be achieved.

The article is a bit lengthy, but worth a look.  Below, I've pulled out a section from the end that highlighted my own questions on the subject.  It will be interesting to see where education goes, and hopefully fun for you to see where Carls can go!

  Research indicates that emotional qualities like grit, persistence, and motivation may be even more important to students’ success than the knowledge or skills they acquire, and they all depend heavily on human relationships. Knowledge acquisition is the only aspect of education that today’s digital technology seems especially well adapted to. So far, most software applications, platforms, apps, and games, including Knewton’s, have been optimized for transferring quantitative, bounded bodies of facts in domains like math, science, or engineering, as well as basic literacy and grammar. An adaptive-learning platform like Knewton’s is helpless to tabulate or analyze a student’s insight in class discussions, the special brilliance of an essay, or creativity in a group presentation; anything that complex requires human discretion.

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