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Trivia at the Cow

July 31, 2013 at 8:07 am
By Karen and Holly

Every Sunday the Fellows go to The Contented Cow for trivia. The most important part of each evening is selecting the best team name. In the beginning we started as Low Expectations, before upgrading to Slightly Higher Expectations. Throughout the weeks, some names have come up because of incidents at work, like Vertigo and Piñata Incident, and others have been staples coming back week after week like Cheezus. One evening we even won an award for creativity! The team name ‘#meteorites’ came about from a story that we frequently tell prospies on our tours. Essentially, a student once paid for their Carleton tuition with their collection of meteorites. This collection is now housed in Goodsell Observatory. Being the clever Admissions Fellows that we are, we thought it would be fun to have an Admissions-themed name. However, ‘#meteorites’ was mis-heard as ‘#mediarights’. We decided to spell the name differently every time, including ‘#mediarites’. This must have endeared us to the other teams, as we were voted favorite team name that week - and got an extra point because of it!

The trivia we see depends on the master or mistress of the evening. Some rounds work really well for us as a wealth of knowledge and others are pure luck. For Holly and Isaac, the best round to date was the junk food round where questions and answers all had to do with fast food chains and junk food creations. Michael excels at auditory rounds and album cover recognition, and along with Karen brought Piñata Incident to a solid third place finish this past week. Despite their haphazard nature, some of our guesses end up being right on the money. During a French geography round our combined knowledge of other areas of Europe and northern Africa brought us great success.

Our success at Trivia is always hit or miss, but at least so far we’ve managed to be not last every time. And really, no matter how we place, it’s always a great activity for a Sunday night as we’re wrapping up the weekend. Every week we look forward to hanging out with friends, being baffled by minute bits of trivia, eating some (read: a lot of) popcorn, and learning some obscure new facts.

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