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Late Night Trivia

March 8, 2017 at 1:56 pm
By David Gallagher '19

The end of term is always a little stressful, but right now I also have a lot to be excited about. It will be fun to head home for almost a week and see my family for the first time since winter break. And then for the second half of the break I am heading down to Myrtle Beach to meet up with my Frisbee team for our first tournament of the year. But there are also things to look forward to that will happen before break, and the one I am most excited about is Late Night Trivia, an event that happens at the end of every Winter Term.

Late Night Trivia is a four hour long trivia contest, running this Saturday from 7 to 11. People form teams, and answer questions that a mysterious group of students known as the Gods of LNT ask over KRLX. The questions involve both a trivia question and a song, and teams are supposed to call in and answer the question and name the song and artist, with the overall goal of getting the most points out of any team. But while trivia itself is a lot of fun, what really makes LNT special are the other parts of the contest. Throughout the night there are various events in which members of your team must go to a certain location on campus and perform a task, which is usually very “creative” (and very Carleton). Additionally, teams can earn extra points by bringing the gods bribes, which are a bunch of random items they think up throughout the contest and announce over the radio.

Last year, my Ultimate teammates and I formed a team (and we will probably do that again this year), and spent the night in a classroom trying to think up answers (or, if we failed to do that, think of funny responses in order to mess with the Gods). We did not win (and probably did not even really come close), but I had a great time and cannot wait for this Saturday!

David is a sophomore from New York City who had an unexpectedly hard time finding a picture of himself to add to this biography. He is leaning towards Philosophy as a major, but we will see if that is still the case come Spring. When not being inept at using a computer, he enjoys writing and playing Ultimate Frisbee. Check back in the coming weeks to see if he ever finds more pictures of himself, amongst other adventures. Read on to meet the rest of our bloggers.

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