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Friendship Appreciation

May 15, 2017 at 1:30 pm
By Sergio Demara '20

Dear lovelies,

This week is a huge shout-out to the people who have stood by me all year long and kept my head & heart strong. Let’s be honest here-- Carleton is difficult. Aside from the classes, balancing a healthy life with plenty of sleep is often neglected here. You sometimes feel bad saying no to friends who want to go on arb walks instead of attending class, having hard emotional conversations when you probably should be studying. It’s all about finding the middle of the scale and finding those who can value your independence and growth. After spending almost 30 weeks, I want to share how I met some of the greatest people I know at Carleton.

Isabelle and I met within the first hour of New Student Week, where all the freshmen huddle together for orientation and educational events. Isabelle and I bonded over different vegetarian food brands like MorningStar and Quorn (unanimously decided MorningStar is the best). She was the first person I ever met from the South, living tightly in New Orleans, Louisiana. She can speak French, Spanish and English, although her grandma can speak Arabic, Yiddish, Hebrew, German, and English. Sometimes she wishes her grandma passed down those languages to her children so Isabelle could be a polyglot! We’ve stayed side by side the entire year, including many movie nights, sleepovers, and even taking social dance together.

Gaby and I randomly stumbled upon each other at Macalester College during a student fly-in program. We easily bonded over being low-income students of color and coming from single parent households. We even were considering the same exact schools and felt some sort of attachment to Carleton. Her sense of humor is so refreshing, and she has contributed one of the most popular articles EVER to The Salt, Carleton’s satire publication. She was born in South Africa and used to have a British accent until the age of 4. When she moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, she enrolled in a French immersion school and even placed into a national French speaking competition in elementary school! This summer she’s going back to South Africa as a Research and Policy Intern for the South African Heritage Resource Centre.

Lastly and certainly not least, Calla and I met on my floor in 4th Cassat. We are both super passionate about reproductive justice and bonded over our shared interest for human rights. Calla is a doula for Carleton Advocacy Network of Doulas (CANDO) and hosts movie screenings and visits the Minneapolis-St. Paul area to support patients seeking abortions. Her and I are planning on being roommates together, so we are praying for 4th Myers or Parish House. We’ve spent many hours drinking tea together, pestering our RA, and making music videos to old Disney Channel movies, and I truly can’t wait for us to take the next year by storm. We are both arriving a week early for New Student Week; me as a Gender & Sexuality Associate and Calla as a Student Career Center Assistant.

Stay cute,

Sergio Demara

Sergio hails from Tucson, Arizona, a land where everyone adopts several cacti for pets, and eggs are fried to perfection on sidewalks from consistent 100+° F temperatures. That said, his interests include rock climbing, foreign films, and vegan/vegetarian cooking (and is always looking for treats in his mailbox). He is a potential Cinema & Media Studies or Political Science major who hopes to spread equality & activism through mixed media. Read on to meet the rest of our bloggers.

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